tappan saugeyes?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by meatwagon, May 29, 2008.

  1. I was wondering if there have been any saugeye reports?Any info.would be appeciated.
  2. CTB86

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    Hi, I do the creel surveys for the ODW at Tappen. From what I have seen thus far, Saugeyes are being caught in the shallows at Tappen. Sizes were ranging in the 18-24" range last weekend. Baits being fished just off the bottom should have some luck. Hope I was some help, sorry I couldnt give you any exact locations, that would make it too easy. haha

  3. webothfish

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    Went Sunday AM for a few hours, floating and jigging minnows from 3' to 12', a lot of bluegills and some dink crappie, no saugeye in the usual places, if you find them, let us know.
  4. jjpugh

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    the best info i can tell you about tappen when it comes to saugeyes is to go to cripple creek bait shop and talk to jim. he put you were u need to be
  5. uglykat23

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    i have had them hittin my live shad in the shallow back water, was fishing for cats but caught all saugeyes
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    Any size to those eyes? We got 1 the other day that went about 23" and just shy of 5#.