tappan ramp chaine off???

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  1. freyedknot

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    i heard they put a chain up at the ramp at tappan lake ? the chain is at the top of the hill so you can't even get close to launch a small boat?
  2. The main ramp near the dam was open a week ago. Sounds to me like the campground has been chained off.

  3. sauguy

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    the main campground entrance is always closed in the winter. you have to enter using the deersville entrance. main ramp was open sat, but lots of ice on the lake sat.
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    The campground IS NOW chained off. This entrance is very dangerous when covered with snow and ice.
  5. Freyed,
    You misunderstood me It was Clendening Lake that is chained off from Access.
    Chain was put up Last Wed. By MWCD Employee. There is no Access to the Marina ramp at all. Chain is located by the cabins for rent.
    What a bunch of BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. freyedknot

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    MY BAD SORRY. but did you call mcwd for an answer?
  7. Van,
    I just Emailed them today I will post their reply if I get one.
  8. I have sent 2 emails this week looking for an explanation as to why the chain blocking access to the ramp @ Clendening was put up. Still no reply.
    Maybe someone else can start asking why.
    Here is an email address info@mwcdlakes.com
  9. is tappan worth going to during the winter?
  10. There was some confusion in an earlier post. Clendening Lake is chained off.
    I think it is worth going to. Ice fisherman can use it also what if the lake thaws no boat access for fisherman.
    Just my thoughts.
  11. sauguy

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    there are two other ramps on clendening, one on harrison county route 6 , north of the dam. one on state route 799. don't know how easy they are to use with the lake drawndown.
  12. Not usable because of the draw down.
  13. Mr. Novak,

    When you called on Monday December 8 about the closure of the road to the Clendening Marina, your call was forwarded to me for response. Unfortunately, we were disconnected before I was able to ask your name and number, or complete our discussion.

    During our conversation you stated that by allowing the marina ramp to be closed we were shutting down access to the lake entirely. I was concerned about that and asked a staff member who routinely uses all of our ramps for his own recreation to check the two remaining ramps while in the Clendening lake area. He found the County Road 6 ramp to be accessible and usable, but the SR 799 ramp was iced in and inclusive whether it would be useable without the ice problem, though it probably would not be. So that leaves one ramp at the far end, the deep end of the lake. This is certainly not as good a situation as you had before.

    To balance your situation, and to clarify in more detail than I did when you called, I will say that the owners and operators of the Clendening Marina requested the road closure for specific reasons. While they have lived year round at the marina for years, this will be the first winter that they are living off site. Their presence served as a deterrent to many of the problems that you can expect when you leave a million dollar facility unattended with 75 - 100 boats stored on site. There have been problems in the past that they feared would escalate.

    We agreed to allow them to install the cable, in order to protect marina property as well as the boats of the general public who are storing them on site. A decision was requested and had to be made, but we will continue to monitor the impact of the decision.

    One more item. You indicate below that you sent an email message 4 days prior to today's message. I understand that a lack of response would be frustrating, but we simply did not receive the message. We checked our records from a few days prior to 12/15/2008, when the original message was dated, through today. Today, I was out of the office all morning and first learned about your written complaint at approximately 2:45 PM . While it is sometimes difficult, it is our intent to respond in a reasonable period of time. It appears that with the phone call and the email message we may have been the victims of technology. We can discuss the remainder.

    Since I indicate that I try to respond in a reasonable period of time, you should be aware that I will leave at 5PM today and return at 7 on Monday morning.

    Mark Swiger
    Natural Resources Administrator
    Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District
    330-343-6647 ext. 2261

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    Subject: FW: Clendening

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    From: Jim Novak/AppliedIT [mailto:JNovak@applied.com]
    Sent: Friday, December 19, 2008 8:05 AM
    To: info@mwcdlakes.com
    Subject: Fw: Clendening

    I sent this email 4 days ago
    Will some one please answer my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jim Novak

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    Can someone please tell me why Access to the Marina boat ramp is no longer available. I was there on Tuesday of last week. There was a Employee putting up a chain blocking access to the marina boat ramp. I am a waterfowl hunter that used that ramp when I am down that way I am sure I am not the only person that used the lake during the winter season. Thanks for your reply.
    Jim Novak