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Tappan Last nite

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by catfish_hunter, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Went to Tappan Last nite got there about a quarter til 10...Fished at the Rest Area, There was a few other people fishin for cats there too...Had my pole in the water about 15-20 minutes and caught a striped bass damn thing ate my Bluegil which was amazeing cause it wasnt that big of a fish...Then after about an hour I went and put cut bait on my other pole..Had it in the water about 20 minutes and got a great bite, The fight started and ended just that quick... So I casted back out...Nothing...after about a half hour I put a new piece of cut bait on and caught another one of those damn bass...

    Could anyone tell me a GOOD cat place to Fish at Tappan??? I dont really know the lake very well at all, Last nite was my first time fishing there...
  2. They Have Some 3lb White Bass In Tappan, You Were Probably Hooking Some Decent Whites. I Don't Think There Are Stripers In There But You Never Know Anymore.

  3. Yeah probably but they looked like stripers...
  4. Liver at Tappan will get you a bunch of channel cats , but not many of any size.
  5. I see...Im not much of a lake Fisher...I usually stick to the rivers and creeks...
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