Tappan Lake

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by c. j. stone, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Anybody icefish Tappan? I read a recent magazine article that deals with ODNR sampling of fish in a variety of local lakes and this lake definitely sounds promising. I've only fished it in the Spring and caught a few white bass from shore after turkey hours but this should be a good ice fishing location. Friend of mine who lives near the lake called yesterday morning and said it was zero down there so it should be fishable. Plus, it only takes me around an hour to drive to his place. Takes that long to go to Skeeter and strike out-might as well go South. Any info and approximate starting points would be appreciated.
  2. OK, forget the "approximate starting points"-just any info would be great! I've heard there's some great hybrid 'eye(sauger, saugeye?) fishing down there during the softwater season.

  3. just got off the ice there...3-5" of good stuff...only got a few dink cats...killed the white bass last ice season!!! old roadbed by marina where the bouy line is...
  4. Thanks for the info ww! I don't mind white bass out of cold water at all.(gotta get that red meat off the filet near the skin!) Used to ice some 14-17 inchers at Pymatuning back in the day.
  5. dont mind them myself and there are some hogs there caught through the ice!!!