Tappan Lake lodging

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  1. Any info on local lodging? Would like to get as close to the dam area as possible. I know of New Philly and the ones off 77 and 36. Anything closer?
  2. they have small sleeper cabins at the park camp erea 4....have been empty every weekend last 3 weeks.......12 miles to uville motels from the dam...also some in cadiz i think

  3. Was looking at the Best Western in Uhville, thanks for info.
  4. If you want to get as close to dam as possible I'd either get a place at the campground or one of the cabins. Theres also a little hotel right before the dam, on the left. Not sure what the name of it is, but I could probably get some info for ya if you wanted
  5. my dad and i were their fishing this weekend and slept in a camper cabin at the park only $30 a night but its about a 25 min drive to the main lake boat ramp (on a very hilly and curvy rd) looked around for a hotel but couldnt find one so were going to stay in one next weekend for the wowc tourny.
  6. The hotel is just before the Tappen Lake Dam sign on Rt 250 coming from Urichsville. It sits up off the road and has a log cabin type theme. There is hardly anyone who stays there so I'm sure there is vacancys. I own the 2 houses directly across from the dam and we may be renting the smaller house out in the future when we get done remodeling. But the hotel is only about 1 1/4 miles from the boat launch and 500 yards from the Dam.