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Tappan crappies - 5/8/04

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by WillyB, May 9, 2004.

  1. WillyB

    WillyB Go Bucks!!!

    Had a fun day on the lake today. Found a large school of crappies hiding in the shade caused by a bridge (1st clue). Most ran in the 6 to 8" range but we did manage a dozen keepers with my son catching the largest - just over 14". We also caught a couple of keeper perch and about a half dozen juvenile white bass. All fish were caught on jigs - 2" tails with white being the hottest color. We tried to keep track of how many we caught but lost count as the action was fast and furious, many times we had doubles. Ok, now for the (second clue) - its a long run from the main ramp with a 9.9. :)
  2. fished it yesterday afternoon,couldn't find nobodyhome around here so hit it myself :cool: started out fishing wind blown rockie shoreline(1st clue)
    does the wind ever not blow there??????????????? ok hammered the whitebass
    on twister's an 1/16oz inline spinner/// like u said white was the ticket
    had 4 fish in my 1st 5 cast!!!(2nd clue)lot of peeps stop at this place 2 rest )
    lol lol lol :D no realy it didn't matter i fished 3 differant spots all like above
    an got fish mostly whites from 7'' to the biggest 12'' an the big husky one
    saw that fish :D did hook up with husk/husk jr/ken/an ottisdaddy later in the evening//////sorry husk didn't know u liked them white 's ;) or in would of let u released them in 2 lake crisco lolololol he he he
    all in all a pretty good day 2 bad the wife has 2 work this weekend ////
    but am going 2 try 2 sneak her out early monday hope this weather holds.

  3. hey bro, just got up at 3pm.heh heh stayed till 8 this morning. really had a blast. i nailed a 5 lb cat on the down line with minnow,what a great fist fight with ultralite rod. got whites and crappie all nite, ended with 18 nice crappie over ten inches and biggest 13 1/2, biggies came from 2 to 4 in morning,whites were still on small size biggest 12 in . heading to to ya later. ill be back on around 9 to 10 tonite.sorry i didn t make it back today. good fishing with ya and ottisdaddy.
  4. WillyB

    WillyB Go Bucks!!!

    Hit Tappan again today (5 10 04) and had another great day. Wanted to fish Clendening, Piedmont this week (vacation) but why leave a good thing. Three of us today caught just about every species that swims in Tappan. Loads of saugeyes and crappies with some largemouth and white bass to top it off. Most of the saugeye ran small but we did manage 9 keepers from 15" to 23". We had one crappie that measured 14-1/2". The 'eyes were tight to the bank in less than 4 feet of water.

    Corey, we never made it to the spots that you suggested but will definitely give it a try later this week. Always appreciate you guys at Cripple Creek - great service, bait and advice. :)
  5. yo will nice job again there bro,
    u get my pm didn't get out 2day it was a honey do day :rolleyes: but u will have that lol :D had 2 run with wife an do moms grass pretty much killed the day if u know what i mean!!!
    going in mornin if my buddy calls if not don't know what i'l do :D
    duh go by myself lololol i'll will try that spot u told me about if i can get my big arse down there lololol going down always easy gettin back up well u know
    thxs 4 the report an the info 2morrow is my last day off then back on for 4days :cool:
    i'll post 2morrow evening if i get out :)
    ps thx u huskee 4 the spot u told me about it was realy hot 4 awhile i'll be back there again
  6. hit the spot this mornin was pretty crowded the water was dead calm
    fished 2 spots an didn't not get a bite :mad:
    then went back 2 the church area an ended up catching a few dinks saugeye
    like around 14 with biggest being 12'' an took pic of a 5''er on a 3''tail lol :eek:
    did end up with 2nice crappies 10''an 11'' an a bigmouth bass 17'' seen a lot of bass cruising the rocks one was a real hog!!!
    all fish were got on 1/16 an 1/8 jigs an 2''an 3'' chart tails fish like a crankbait
    with a steady straight reteive ;)
    o well back 2 work for 4 days keep me updated :D