tanning a coyote

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  1. I shot a coyote in gun season, skinned it out , rolled it up and put in in the freezer. I ordered a Lutan F kit from Van Dykes. this will end a wall display, should I cut the hide up the stomach or leave it like a sock, if any body has ever done this and has any advice I would appreciate it

  2. Contact Mike Magis as he is a darn good taxidermist.


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    Yes and he loves the smell of a good ripe yote!!:D
  4. thanks for the name of the taxidermist, but I want to do the tanning myself.
  5. Mike is a member here and I'm sure he will tell you what YOU need to do.
  6. Nothing like the smell of putrid guts in the morning. :D
    Fireline, you can leave is case skinned or open it up, it's really up to you. For a wall hanging, most people leave it cased. When you thaw it, find a piece of skin on the outside and suspend the hide from a piece of string and a fishing hook. This will allow it to unroll as it thaws, thawing more evenly. Make sure you degrease after a couple days in the pickle, and return to the pickle for another day.