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Tanners report for Thursday Night

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Cat~n~Crappie, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. We headed to Tanners Thursday evening, arriving around 7 pm.

    The Water was rising, the Fish were biting and the fog settled in real hard.....

    We ended up boating and releasing 16 fish between 9pm and about 10 am Friday morning.

    3 Flatties : 14.8 lbs, 12.8 lbs, and 5 lbs.

    1 Blue : 11 lbs

    11 Channels : Ranging in size from 4.2 lbs. up to 9.6 lbs.

    1 Drum : 5 lbs.

    The fish were hitting hard all night long....not a slow moment the entire night. The water rose about 2 feet during the night, then they musta opened the gates Friday morning. The water rose another couple of feet in a few hours, with alot of debris and some strong current. The fog set in about 5 in the morning and put visibility near zero, luckily we had the GPS unit with us, with a few spots we had marked earlier in the night and was able to relocate them. The Fog was pretty thick until about 8 am, but didnt really burn off until around 11 this morning.

    Hope to get to experience more trips like that one!

    See if I can get some pics downloaded and posted later tonight.

  2. good job we went out of catalina this am and got skunked current was tough