Tangy/Scioto 10/20 - Slow

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Welsh Dragon, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Took the day off to enjoy a great day. Started off on the Tangy near Highbanks. Water is very low and crystal clear. Fished for about an hour catching a nice size white bass and my PB smallie at 13-14". I could see him chasing bait fish before he hit mine. I was stoked and thought it would be an amazing day.

    Met up with Striperfreak on the Scioto near Dublin. No luck as the water was very stained and higher than usual. We thought this was strange as O'Shay is very low and we haven't had much rain lately. Anyway, no fish here.

    Decided to go back to the tangy, but farther north than highbanks. Water was in same condition. Very little luck. Striperfreak caught 3 rock bass and I caught 1 small smallie. We saw about 100 carp and a bunch of smaller catfish. Not the day I figured it would be based on the start, however was a beautiful day.

    I caught all fish on a Husky Jerk Tennessee Shad and Striperfreak on a craw jig.