Taming The Smelly White Bass

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  1. This Sunday, instead of fishing, I broke out some frozen white bass from last November. For those of you who haven't hunted these in the late fall when the leaves are gone and a crisp chill is in the air, it's nothing short of heaven.

    As been noted, that frying or baking frozen white bass can be tricky and in general downright stinky, put those smelly rascals on the grill. This is how I prefer them, anyway. I usually don't fillet them and leave the skin on if I know I'm going to smoke or grill them. Some sea salt, cracked pepper, herbs of your choice, butter, olive oil, lemon wedges and you have some tasty fish. And an appreciative wife who won't throw you and the fish out because you stunk up her kitchen. This was some good eatin' with cabbage, sweet potatoes and a 2005 Chardonnay. Can't wait til the fall to stock up again.

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  2. misfit

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    that looks too good:D
    glad my belly was full when i looked,LOL.
    just happens that 5 minutes ago i finished off a big plate of fresh crappie filets;)
    with no wife to be concerned with nowadays,i simply put them in a foil pouch and baked them in the oven:D
    sprinkled with mrs. dash,salt,fresh ground pepper,old bay and a generous sprinkling of lemon juice and melted butter,they made for a very tasty lunch:)
  3. I don't have one of them either, a wife that is. Thanks to the ex's peachy attitude, I rediscovered the joy of fishing... and why pops loved it so much. Used to wonder why he bought that cabin cruiser and would sit out on the water for 3, 4 days at a time.

    But that crappie sounds good. Nothing like a mess of fresh papermouths.
  4. If my lady would give me any crap about cooking fish, I'd show her a way one ticket to the back of my hand...... :p just joking!!!
  5. NewbreedFishing

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    spidey ...no reason to wait till fall getcha some whites now!!