Tall Tales Bait & Tackle - Open Yet????

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Frog Legs, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Anyboby know if / when Tall Tales Bail & Tackle on 225 outside of Alliance will be open for the season.

    If open, anybody know the hours? I just put a call into them but thought about it too late in the day to get an answer.

    Thanks All....
  2. That place is awesome. I don't know if they are open yet or not. I prefer Tall Tales over Gander Mountain, not to mention all the other area bait shops.

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    Yes they are open, 7 days a week now. I believe it's 7am till 5pm right now. I was in there Easter Sunday. And I think Les's(By causeway) is now open too. Didn't stop, but someone told me.
  4. yep there open , it is the best stocked shop for 50miles around . the owner [dave] , has that place in AAA shape . I stop there all the time . prices are good and they give a great minnie count .
  5. Went to Tall Tales yesterday (Sat.) and left a chunk of change. They opened at 9am. Dave told me that the hours will vary for the next week or two. The phone number at Tall Tales is 330 823-2300. Probley best to call ahead to check the hours until they get set.