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talk about thieves now

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sherman51, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. I pulled my boat out of the pole barn and backed it up the driveway close to the house. I was using a step ladder to get in and out of the boat. yesterday I got in the boat and got some tools out to put them away. about an hour later I went out to get in the boat and put the motor cover back in place. to my surprise my ladder was gone. some low life thief had come in broad daylight and stole my ladder. couldn't believe someone had the brass ba##s to steal my ladder with us going in and out of our house.
  2. Years ago I was getting ready to change the battery on my wife's car which was parked by the street in our neighborhood. Realized that I had the wrong wrench, so I went back into basement to get the correct one, when I returned less than 4 minutes the new battery I had sitting next to the car was gone!! I feel your pain, some people will steal anything they can and when they can!
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    Thieves suck. At least they didn't get in the boat and take stuff.
  4. Someone needs to invent a miniscule, inexpensive, tracking device that we can stickon or hide on our possessions.

    Sherm you need to hangup a trailcam and buy a new ladder. They will be back and hopefully you can find out who it is...
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  5. If you have a camera and can "bait them" with other items worth stealing, I'll bet you they come back again.
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    Well if they can put chips in animals then why not luggage? Run a reader over the bag, and up comes the data.
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  7. Thieves deserve to be taken care of in a positive and lasting way. Nuff said.
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  8. I bet they would make good catfish bait!!!!!!! I hope to have some visit me some day, I might just find out if they work for bait.
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  9. I would really like to use a few of them for gator bait down in the glades in florida.
  10. Sherman, it seems like you have your share of trouble with thieves and undesireables. Maybe it's time to leave deeetroit and get back to the holler with some honest folk!
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    If I were you I'd look for the thief close by. Had to be near to observe you long enough that he figured he could get away with it.
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    Rocko is why I have no thief..

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  14. I've been having trouble with someone stealing packages from my mailbox. and even had 2 fishing rods left on my back porch that went missing. but this took some really big brass ones to take it in the middle of the day. its got to be someone that's close by but I don't know who it is.
  15. Sherman sorry to read about your troubles. Mailbox theft does happen often and it is done quickly. They take everything hoping to find something of value. Years back I had witnessed a team taking mail from rural type mailboxes near my home I reported it and watched as the police caught both thieves. They had mail from dozens mail boxes in their possession. Each mailbox was cleared quickly and if you glanced away you would had missed the action.
    Look up secure mailboxes on the web they will have an area where the received mail drops into an area in the base that is not reachable without unlocking the box. The other choice is have a PO box and pick up your mail. I believe your mail thief will likely continue to take your packages until they are caught or prevented from access to your mail. You may want to invest in some security cameras for you back poarch area that is a too close to your door for comfort. There are a good number of small cameras pen hole type or conceled in other items that may show you who comes around snooping and carries away a item or two. It is sad we have to invest time and money to keep what our honest labor enabled us to acquire.
    Your and my job now is to make it difficult for theives to steal our mail or take our property.
  16. If it was metal ladder they prob scrapped it. Only metal outside should be bolted down.
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    That's a really cute wiener dog.
  18. yeah love the dog.
    after complaining to the post office several times they finely told me I needed 3 police reports then they would start monitoring my mail box. but the postman has been very good about bringing packages to the back door. but I do have the 1st report I just need 2 more.
  19. my son was getting gas one day and went inside to pay , he came back out maybe a minute later and found some clown hanging out of his window grabbing anything he could, well my kid is big boy and the clown wound up on the cement after getting his asssss beat and my boy was laughing while driving away ..justice served
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  20. Sherman did you call the complaint line or local post office? I had a problem with the local office called and complained to the postmaster deaf ears called the complaint line got action . Dave