talapia swimbaits

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by jrhopkins, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. made these for a couple of guys heading to Mexico ( now that's a switch;) ) who wanted some Talapia baits.
    both are 6", slow sinking. hopefully they will do well.

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  2. J.R. the swimbait master, awesome as always, if they dont do well, those guys better quit fishing and take up another sport!!!!!


  3. Dang Jr............. Incredible my little swimbait master! They will work for sure!

    Jr. are you up by Jed? (riverman) ?


    Is that water thru the fence? Ocean?
  4. eastern Washington State. i wish it was water, actually is the patio wall as seen through the back of the patio bench:D
  5. Probably not as tasty as real tilapia but looks just as good! Awesome!
  6. JR- These are going to get hammered, they are amazing. Please post some pics of them when they return from their holiday, great work . pete
  7. Those look amazing! I'd be afraid to even use those.