Taking a kid to Alum for Crappies - Need Help

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  1. My 8yr old neice came to Ohio from Arizona and has never been out on a boat. She wants me to take her out fishing on mine but I am unsure where we can go to get into some Crappies. I figured we would go to Alum but I want to make sure I get her into some action. Can anyone point me to a spot? I have a couple but they are for earlier in the season. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Capital outdoorsman

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    I would say the northeast side by Howard Road. I caught em up there all year round. Haven't been there this year but I can tell you most of the ones I caught were 7-8 inches. Also caught a lot of channels up there with night crawlers.

  3. you can catch alot of crappies around howard road, just stay in the channel and fish minnows 7-10ft deep...alot of dinks but still plenty of action. also you can hit up the wood and trees directly across from the ramp at howard road with wax worms or red worms and catch alot of bluegills and small cats..
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    STILL alot of CRAPPIES co-operating in Big Run Cove and you wont have to get into the heavy cover...just drift around with small tubes tipped with crawler or minnies.
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  6. Thanks for the tips! Hopefully we can get on some of them. I'll post a pic and a report after we get done.
  7. Well, it was slow. We caught a few crappie before she got bored. Ended up getting lunch at the marina and took a very long boat ride. At least the kid had fun. That's all that matters.