Taken off the tour!!???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by FEARnoFISH, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Well was talking to a couple of my buddies the other day and both were saying something about the senko possibly being taken off the tour because its so well in other words good? Anyone else here this or anything similar?
  2. Sounds like something made up by the makers of the Senko.

  3. then they will remove the jig.... then they will remove the swimbait... then they will remove the crankbait... then they will remove all the topwater baits:p i havent heard that but that sounds alittle rediculous if you ask me???
  4. Marshall

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    Thats exactly what happened to the helicopter lure!;)
  5. Fishman

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    This is true, read it myself. Look's like they're banning about 95% of artificial baits in tournaments. Bobbers and nightcrawlers from here on out!
  6. As long as they don't take away the Banjo Minnow!:p
  7. Didn't hear it, did a search, didn't find it. Sounds to me like someone is pulling your chain.
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    i think its for jock itch:eek:
  9. I thought it was that decaffienated instant coffee that tastes like swampwater...
  10. Maybe the Food Source lures version of the Senko, FLW has banned all food source plastics because they are made of real food (read as its not Berkley, a FLW tour sponsor)
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    first they came for the senkos, and I did nothing because I am not a bass fisherman...

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    I’m a firm believer that it’s not so much the lure that catches fish as much as it is the fisherman using it. If it was the lure only we would all be pros fishing for a living. Confidence in knowing what your doing and being able to read the water and structure along with working with the weather and water temps play a bigger part IMO. Anyhow I think some manf. make lures that catch more fisherman than fish.

    Even if the Senko was banned, a good fisherman will still catch fish with just about another other fake worm. Senko's are a do nothing lure just like slugos, it's up to the fisherman to make it come alive. look at it this way, just because I use Hank Aaron’s bat doesn’t mean I’m going to hit a ton of home runs.
  13. That can't be true, unless it's the Foodsource/FLW thing. The pros are using baits right now that we can't buy for a year or two. Berkley 100% flourocarbon line was "field tested" when Duckett won the Classic, and didn't come out until after Skeet won the AOY title. Baits are the same way. You know, build a better mouse trap, and......
  14. Does it really work? I never had any success when I used it.
  15. Alot of times they will use them pros to advertize the product to push product and induce impulse buying habbits. WOW! __________ just won the tournament with that rod, reel, line and lure! Got to go buy them!

    I just use equipment I am familiar with If I like it, I'll buy it. No impulse on me.