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Tagged fish-saugers/walleyes study

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by mrfishohio, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. mrfishohio

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    Anglers catching a tagged fish from the Ohio River are asked to retain
    the tag for a 2-year, multi-state study of sauger and walleye movement
    and angler catch rates in the Ohio River. The river-wide study will
    provide Ohio River biologists with an extensive understanding of sauger
    and walleye harvests and movement.

    Since November, fisheries biologists from Indiana, West Virginia,
    Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois have been placing colored tags at the base
    of the fish's dorsal fin. Each tag from this project is numbered and
    addressed to the West
    Virginia DNR, who is summarizing tag return data.

    The study is being conducted by the Ohio River Fisheries Management Team
    (ORFMT). This group of cooperating biologists was formed in 1990 to
    facilitate interjurisdictional fisheries management. This study is
    funded by Federal Aid for Sport Fish Restoration

    Anglers catching a tagged fish from the Ohio River should mail the tag
    or tag number, date and exact location of catch and whether the fish was
    kept or released. Information can be mailed to the WVDNR, 2311 Ohio
    Ave., Parkersburg, WV 26101, e-mailed to or called in

    Additional information can be obtained from Tom Stefanavage, Indiana Big
    Rivers biologist, at
    812-789-2724 or Chris O'Bara, project coordinator, at 304-420-4550 in West
  2. MrFishOhio, I was just logging on to forward this note but you beat me to it. I assume your on the Indiana wildlife email list as well. I wish Ohio had something simillar.

    Cheers, Salmonid