Tag soup anyone???

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  1. besides my self.. just wanted to see who here ate their tags this year.. and i dont mean shot a doe and still have a buck tag.. i mean didnt shoot a darn thing all year lol..
  2. Don't feel alone, I only hunted gun and muzzle,had 2 shots,both with the muzzle and missed.They were just a little further than I like to shoot but I was desperate.missed a very nice 10 pt. last night of muzzle,about 130 yds. out,that stuck in my gut for a couple days. oh well,always next year!

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    i only bought one so i could take my friends 13 yr old son out.so i guess i ate mine but it was worth it just to see the excitment of him shooting at one even though he missed
  4. My dad was the only one on our property to eat a tag. He is a big buck hunter, so he doesn't shoot unless it's huge. He's not a Doe hunter either. He leaves the Doe shooting to the other 5 guys who hunt our property.
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    I am a rookie deer hunter this season and ate my tag. I hunted gun and also used my bow a little bit. I considered this year my "learning" season. Any tips from anyone on what to do in the off-season to prepare for next year? I am going to shoot my bow a lot at the range and also scout some areas to hunt. My main concern is finding some land to hunt. Personally, I think public land sucks to hunt deer on, or at least I haven't found the right spot yet.

    Onn a brighter note....I became very proficient at getting the tree rats!! :)
  6. Last year I ate all 3, this year nope, I got 2 does bow and gun and that buck in the ditch. Still going out got one more weekend, urban or prop. owner.
  7. I am eating all 3. I did shoot at one (clean miss) and saw a ton of deer. All in all, it was an awesome year. With that being said, I will humbly eat each tag and prepare for next year.
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    i shot 5, have 2 tags left :)

    1 urban early bow, 2 landowner antlerless early bow, 1 regular doe shotgun, 1 regular tag on my buck early bow

    so i get to eat 1 antlerless/urban, and 1 regular
  9. Add my name to the list Got a button during gun season but ate my other tag.
  10. Shot a buck on gun week opener. Passed on a gazillion does so I could enjoy the week, and hopefully shoot a doe during muzzle.

    Had two gigundous bucks walk within seven yards during muzzle. It was awesome. Ten seconds later I had a doe standing still about thirty yards away offering a perfect broad side shot. I was still trembling. I took the shot. Nothing but air.

    First year in three that I didn't fill two tags, but it was still a great season.
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    I missed a doe last night, thankfully cleanly. I still have Saturday before the fat lady sings. Hopefully I get another chance.



  13. Yea!!! Me too . Had to have surgey after deer season ,so didn't hunt much. Looking forward to this deer season
  14. Trophy hunted all the way thru muzzy season. Passed three good 10 points early bow and then bbq'd my tag O well next year

  15. Well this is my first post and hopefully my most embarrising one. I was also empty handed this year. Several close calls but nothing to show for it.

    Does anyone have any good receipes they would like to share for my tags?