Tactics for pike thru the ice

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  1. Will be ice fishing for pike next weekend in a lake that has a far amount of pike, although I haven't caught any over 40" (most in 20"-mid-30" range). The lake isn't real deep (20-25' at the deepest) with a shallow, weedy area that's good in the spring in one corner and a underwater island comprised of large boulders in the middle of the lake. There are some trees sunk in about 12' of water near our cabin.

    Any tips on where I should start looking for pike? We'll use tip-ups/large minnows at times (sit in the cabin and wait for one to pop) but I would like to try some artificials/jigging as well. Will bring some vib-e's (work well in the open water) but also looking for other ideas.
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    This time of year, pike are going to be where the deepest water is located because it contains the highest amount of oxygen. Otherwise, if you can locate green weeds that are still producing oxygen, you're sure to find pike. I would suggest using creek chubs for bait if you can locate any. Drop you line in with a heavier splitshot about two feet above the leader. I ususally catch pike right above the weedline. If there are no weeds present, leave it in the bottom 2/3 of the water column. Good luck!