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    Anybody have suggestions for tackleboxes? My current one only has three trays, and is starting to rust. Any suggestions on brands, styles, materials, etc. are appreciated.
  2. IMO, stop buying tackle boxes.

    20 years ago when i started fishing I started w/ a tacklebox, which i eventually out grew. I bought another, then another, then another, etc. Now my fishing room is full of empty tackle boxes.

    IMO, it's much better to get the clear plastic trays which you can buy for $5 or less. I usually buy the cheapest I can find (theyre all the same to me) which is usually the bass pro brand priced around $3.

    I categorize my lures by the box. For example, I have one box full of top waters, one full of small inline spinners, one with cranks, etc. When I'm not fishing, I have my plastic trays sitting out. When I decide to go fishing, I only take which boxes I'll need for the occasion. For example, If I'm going for bass at night, I'll take my box of topwaters with jitterbugs, hula poppers, etc.

    Now, you'll need a tackle bag (not box). Your bag allows you to take different trays with you, and allowing you to leave behind what lures you wont need. Whereas with a tacklebox, you'll need to take it all with you, even though you wont use a bunch of the stuff in your box.

    You can get a cheap tackle bag from walmart for $20, its made by a company called "Okechobee Fats". The bag comes with 3 tackle trays (although you can fit an extra box inside).

    this works for me...but, we'll see what others have to say.

  3. Tackle bag is the way to go IMHO!
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    I also agree with the tackle bag comment. I switched sometime last year and I'm very glad that I did.

    The one thing that I might add to the previous comments is that you might want to consider springing the extra money for a better bag. When I was looking at different bags there was an obvious difference in the quality of construction between stuff at Wally-world and the bags made by Bass Pro Shops. The seams are stronger, the straps and things are higher quality, etc. You'll end up saving money by not having to replace near as often.

    Just for reference, I'll show you my set up. My Bass Pro Shops Extreme 370 Tackle Bag has been great and I have yet to outgrow it... which says a lot.

    For my plastics I like to keep them in the bag as long as possible. Originally I tried to keep them in Plano trays, but they just weren't the same after several months of being in the trays. So, I bought this BPS Jumbo Double Worm Binder to keep my plastics fresh.

    Another bonus with the trays is that if you're bank fishing you can throw a couple in an old backpack and fish.
  5. Ditto on the tackle bag...you can buy extra plano boxes 3600/ 3700 and create a system for bass/ walleye/muskies or Lake Erie casting/ trolling boxes or river fishing, small pond setup...

    Flambeau has a nice bag setup with a harder rubber base so you don't have to worry about your bag getting too wet if its in the bottom of a rental boat as Leesville or whatever...

    Sadly I started using a small duffle bag 25 years ago to bring along my extra baits...should have patented the idea then...
  6. Tackle bags with the plastic trays are the only way to go! Lol i have 6 big bags stuffed to the gills with tackle! Easy storage, each bag is marked plastic, crank, topwater and so on! Just cant do anything with an actual tackle box anymore!:)
  7. Sounds like the verdict is clear for the soft tackle bags! I have two right now and need at least two more. They hold tons of tackle/gear, easier to carry and maintain, easier to store when you're in a boat. The old style hard plastic tackle boxes IMO are falling by the wayside due to their limitations. Also if you happen to break something on them (hinges, locks, etc) they get to be a real problem., and like you said, rust is also an issue eventually. I use my old style box now for mostly tools, odds and ends, etc.
  8. I bought one of these 2 or 3 years ago. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/s...74352_100011010_100000000_100011000_100-11-10

    I love it. It's plenty big. Lots of pockets on the outside for reels, line, scale, knife, pliers, binocs, everything. it'll hold a ton of 3700 size boxes. I have a bunch of 3771 boxes that are slim, full of reef runners and big spoons for trolling. a ton of 3701's and 3700s full of cranks, jigs, etc. for bass. some of the bigger 3730, with hooks, weights, snaps, swivels, beads, in little jars. One with all my perch stuff for Erie... and a couple of the same big boxes full of soft plastics and swimbaits...

    I mean, basically, I love that I can grab the bag that already has all my tools in it...add the boxes I'll need for the day, depending on what I'm targeting, and go. Rather than spend the time checking a tackle box, making sure the tools are in the right box, and swapping baits from one box to the other.

    Sometimes you'll find yourself trying to bring more than the bag will fit. And it can be kind of fun because it might force you to fish stuff you don't normally.

    The plano style boxes are definately the way to go, in my opinion.
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    THanks for the suggestion MD. I checked out the bag online and it seems to be pretty good. I haven't found many products rated 4.9 out of 5. Did yours come with the boxes?
  10. If your in NE Ohio the Flambeau outlet store (Middlefield) has some deals..I got this monster "Gander MT" bag for $15 at Gander it was $70 with boxes.