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tackle shops??

Discussion in 'Ohio Bait, Tackle, Taxidermy, etc. Marketplace' started by theprowler, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. I just moved into the tappan lake area this year and i need to find a bait shop that supplies minnows and other live bait during the winter..
    can anyone help by pointing me in the right direction..
  2. Cripple Creek Bait and Tackle on Rt.250. Jim Coreynot only has bait and tackle but he has loads of local information. Check out his advertisement on this site.

  3. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Cripple Creek is your place! Here is his address and Phone. He is located just before you get to the dam.

    Jim Corey
    29562 Cadiz-Dennison Rd.
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