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  1. I'm taking a trip to Ontario first week in august, trying to stock up my tackle box for the trip. Here's the link to the cabin http://www.duenorth.net/greyowl/cabins.html we will be at the bottom of the map at cabin 1.

    I was wondering if there are any types of rigs I can leave strung across the lake overnight, maybe for some catfish? Also what are some decent pike/muskie, and walleye baits I can troll with? I appreciate any help. Hopefully we can get a couple meals from the lake.
  2. I'm going to Biscotasing Sportmans Lodge soon. For pike I'm bringing Williams Wabler spoons, floating Rapalas and Bomber long A's, Mepps with bucktail, spinner baits, and some top water buzzbaits and poppers. For walleye, i got some deeper diving hotntots, Rapala taildancers, Wally divers, jigs and worms. I'll bring 10 of the 3700 size storage boxes packed with the rest of my stuff as well, just in case. Bring extras of you best choices as you may lose a few to logs, rocks, weeds, trees, etc.

    Overnight, it would be interesting to put a couple big hooks on a small fish and see if you can get a pike. I never thought about a catfish that far north and not sure they exist.

    Good luck in August and send us a report. I'll provide a report in July. PM me if I forget. I may just get down that long channel toward your cabin #1.

  3. I had good luck in Canada with spinnerbaits for Pike, minnow type stickbaits also did well, the good thing about the spinnerbaits is that they are fairly cheap, I didnt have to troll the spinnerbaits I just tossed them around any grassy pike looking areas and held on:)
  4. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    You can never have enough Wablers in silver, gold and half & half. Pike love 'em whether casted or trolled.

    Walleye: leadhead jigs in 1/8 and 1/4 oz. with a variety of 3 inch twister tails (I like white and chartreuse), and other minnow-type trailers. Have fun!

  5. So there is another Williams Wabler fan! I buy the 1/2 oz hammered silver by the dozen. I ran out one time up in quebec and will never let it happen again. I stock some 3/4 oz'ers also, but the 1/2 oz trolls real shallow so I can go right over the cabbage weeds that are slightly submerged (or not). I have no fear of fouling because the pike are often in the weeds as mentioned above. A quick snap of the wrist usually cleans the treble. For good measure, I'll have hammered gold, 5 of diamonds, firetigger, red/white (Canadian pike are patriotic), rainbow trout, etc.
  6. I guess I have some shopping to do now! Thanks for the advice, I'm pretty new in the fishing world. I ordered some floating spinner rigs for walleye, and already have a few of those bottom bouncer weights, but how much line should there be between the weight and the spinner rig? and should I always tie a swivel in line between the weight and spinner rig? thanks!

    weird thing is I havent recieved the spinner rigs after about 3 weeks of waiting? guess I need to send an e-mail....

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    Just got back from Ontario and all the tackle I bought for pike fishing was pretty much a waste besides one type of lure. We caught several hundred pike and 90% or more all came on Silver or Gold Johnson minnows, 1/2oz and 3/4oz. We put 3 inch twister tails on them in chart. and white and they just loved that setup. Double tail twisters worked great as well as singles, I went through a 50 pack of twisters from the fish tearing them up. Nice thing about the Silver Minnows is there sleek design to get through the weeds. We fished alot of flooded brush bushes and never lost a bait to the bush. One thing I found out is the leaders with snap swivels dont work worth a damn. Had 3 30lb swivels come apart at the clasp on fish under 30" resulting in loss of Silver Minnows so I would recommend going with the duo-loc style, at least thats what I think there called.

    Also da pike would chase them Minnows all the way to the boat and strike as your taking it out of the water, so let it hang and jiggle it if you get a follower.

    Good Luck, its a blast.

  8. Did you try spinnerbaits in the brush? How about other spoons on the edges of the weeds? I've tried a silver johnson spoon and couldn't buy even a hammer handle. When they have a raging bite, you could probably toss anything and catch them though....
  9. That sounds awesome! Hopefully that setup, or something close will produce in august. did you do any walleye fishing? Ive had those swivel clasps come apart on me before, too bad it was a stupid carp!
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    Spinnerbaits in white, chartreuse and black drive those Canadian pike crazy. Buzzbaits will also produce. Some of the most spectacular fishing I've ever had was buzzing spinnerbaits over the top of a big cabbage bed when the pike were on a feeding frenzy. Nice thing about spinnerbaits is that the one hook can be removed pretty easily from that toothy mouth.

    Most of my walleye fishing in Ontario was done with jigs/twister tails tipped with a third of a night crawler or home made worm harnesses in red or green. The leader beyond that baitwalker should be at least 18 inches, I generally make mine about 24 inches. I always use single hook harnesses and a half a nightcrawler. Hook it once thru the very tip and then one more time leaving at least 1.5 inches of worm beyond the hook.
  11. I had a pike do that very thing while throwing a jointed Rapala..scared the stuffing right out of me as I had my head turned talking to my uncle.