Tackle for crappie/bluegill reccomendations

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  1. I am trying to set up a rig for crappie/bluegill but don't know what I should get.I would like a 5'6 or 6ft pole.I don't wanna go overkill on the fish neither do I want my pole bent in half over a lil bluegill.
    What do you think is good for me?I would like to spend $30on the rod and $40 on the reel.Also what line works best for these buggers also what size,brand,and model hook is the best?Thanks you all very much
  2. was a meijer today. they got ultra-light ugly stick combos for 29.99. good deal.

  3. OSU_Fisherman

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    i have a 6' Ultralite rod with a Quantum XT00 lite reel on it. The reel is spooled with 6lb Trilene XL, its super limp and is just a great line.

    I dont know what to tell you about hooks, but you cannot go wrong with a package of Blakemores Roadrunners. Get yourself some Roadrunners and some 1" or 2" twister tails and you'll be in business.
  4. no-one else has any suggestions.PLease feel free to chime in
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    I like a 6'6 rod with a 1500 or 2000 sized reel and 10lb braid. I like catching them on teeny crankbaits. It may or may not work better, but I think the tiny cranks are kinda cool.
  6. 6'6" Medium/Light rod, I'd go Gander Guide series IM7 coupled with a Quantum AR-20 spinning reel. Spool it with 6lb Gamma line.
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    For crappie and bluegill I like a 6'6" ML rod in IM7 graphite or better. A Gander Mountain Guide Series rod should be close to your budget and it will be a great rod! A good spinning reel in your budget range would be an Abu Garcia Avocet. Walmart usually has them for a good price. I just switched my line this year to 6 lb Suffix Elite and I LOVE it!

    I like to fish tube jigs. I like charteruesse/red and charteruesse/black the best. I put them on either 1/16 oz plain leadhead jig or a 1/32 oz plain leadhead jig. I like to tie on two and space them about 12-15" apart. Then, I attach a bobber about 2 feet above the top jig. Sometimes they want a slow steady retrieve and other times you just got to pop it and let it sit.

  8. well i ended up getting a 6ft ugly stick in medium action.I got it for $5 so I can't complain
  9. Will the 6ft ugly stick in medium power be ok for the application with 6lb line
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    yes,6 pound should work fine.no need to go heavier than that for panfish.