Tackle boxes - what's your fav?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I have 3 tackle boxes. However, I'm looking for "the perfect tackle box" - perfect for me. I'm looking for a box thats easy to carry, and easy to organize. I don't want a bag/box that is completely filled with plano/sorting boxes (I want enough deep space to add stuff like small jars or towel etc). I don't fly fish (yet!!) so I don't need that type of arrangement. I wondered what boxes you all use and like. Please kindly post pics or links, or the exact model so I can look it up. It will be neat to see what you like to use. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Stephanie
  2. On my boat I use the Super Magnum and I still don't have room for all my tackle trays...lol. Although I do have room for accessories.

    In the fall/winter I use a small Shimano shoulder bag w/ about 6 trays.

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    You Might want to check out the New Falcon FTO series. It will be a little more pricey but these boxes are really an excellent way to organize your tackle and not have everything tangled and buried. www.falconrods.com make sure you watch the video to see how effective the system really is.
  5. Where can I find a tackle tray that doesn't allow tiny beads & hooks to escape into the other compartments? Thought I found one last year but it didn't work out.
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    terry,the only thing i've found are the smaller plastic boxes with molded in dividers.a piece of very thin foam or cardboad glued in the lid will make themtight,if needed.i've also gone to pill bottles or other plastic storage tubes,which work great.
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    I use this one for bass. I use a backpack with plano divider boxes for steelhead and I have a smaller box for forward weight spinners for walleye and another backback for perch gear. I don't like the clips on the front of this because they cumbersome to fasten. I have some plano boxes that have a rubber gasket in the top and are made watertight. Things don't get into other compartments.
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    Use your buddy's. Less to drag around and a lot cheaper. :D

    I agree with NET, cant beat that system. For a majority of the fishing I do its usually all in my pockets, just have to be careful of the jigheads. Takes a little practice but you get use to it.

  9. Keep the suggestions coming! These are great, guys. Thanks for the replies... it's good to know what works for you and I'm getting some good ideas. Thanks for the pics and links! Stephanie