tack stoped working

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by deerhunter, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. my tack stoped working how do you troubleshoot this
  2. Since you had no comments yet. I'll give you my thoughts.

    I checked my Mercury manual and there was not much help there.

    My motor has 3 wires from the control lever to the tachometer. Looks like + - and a lead from the rectifier which comes from the charger rotor ?

    So the tach is probably a dc voltage meter. If so, check to see if the meter is ok by checking whether dc voltage is getting to it.

    Check if the charging rotors are ok by looking to see if your battery is getting charged.

    Then check for a broken or freyed wire.

    I would be a bit cautious about tearing into the inner workings. What I did read was that it is pretty complicated to replace gaskets etc.

    Mine works, but not that well. For practical use I just listen to the RPM's If you want to fine tune something then write for the manual, or look up the proper procedures on-line.