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  1. best way to test a non working tachometer? mine worked fine at the beginning of the year but the gauge doesn't read anything and the tech sensor on my boats bottom might not be in the correct position? any suggestions of how the sensor should be seated?
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    You must be referring to the speedometer. Tachometer feeds off the motor. Do you have a speed "sensor" mounted to the transom seperate from the water pickup in the leading edge of the lower unit?

    If you are actually referring to a tach, there are pos and neg wires to it that could be corroded... check with a multimeter for continuity. There is also a sender wire (usually gray) that goesfrom the tach to the voltage regulator on the motor. If the VR is bad, the tach won't work. Check the wire for continuity. Also, check to see if the battery is charging. If it isn't, that could be an indication that the VR is inop.