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  1. I want honest opinions and am in no way promoting myself... I just wanted to know what everyone thought of my new t-shirt design. The design will be on the back of the shirts.
    Most importantly:
    Is it too risque with the double entendre?
    Is the font readable (the real image size is 10").
    Does it even make sense?
    I also removed my website address for this forum because I don't want to promote myself. The address goes at the bottom in a more plain font.
    Please be honest.

    By the way, I do graphic design and will be glad to help anyone who may need help with something.
  2. i would wear one
    the only thing i would change is move the n and the e a little apart so they are not so blended in together but in all it looks great
    let me know where i could order one from :)

  3. Only if you already have an OGF T-shirt :)
    If you hit refresh, I changed the font... is that better?
  4. monsterKAT11

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    i assume it's a walleye shirt? i'm not a big on walley fishing, the only thing i can ask/suggest in the actual shirt printing, would be, have you had shirts printed before? from what i can see, thats going to be alot of screens if you want to incorporate all the colors in it, could get real expensive.

    sorry, i'm not sure if you've had experience in the actual printing process. it's always good to try to keep colors to a minimum
  5. Hmmm...this is a family oriented site so how do I say this... What double entendre were you going for? "Baiting" a big one doesn't make sense :confused:. Perhaps if one was a master....oh, never mind :D
  6. In place of "bite a big one"... it was my wife's idea...
  7. Ah!...ok that makes sense. A bit of a stretch but it makes sense.
  8. I didn't get the enuendo either - till you explained it........now if it said "Bait THE big one".......then maybe.
  9. it's funny, I just changed it from that before I posted it, LOL. Before I change it again, lets have a consensus.
  10. I like the harness the Bait a big one isnt something im going to remember I dont think.
  11. chaunc

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    Should be " Bait of big ones ." Makes a lot more sense.
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    I agree with chanc on this one.
    Looks good besides that...
    What software do you use to create the logo?
    Good Luck!
  13. I can see what you are saying... maybe I can think of a more humorous slogan. I think the "bite" the big one innuendo is getting lost.
    For my graphics I use photoshop CS3... and I built a computer that I can create up to billboard size graphics without slowing down too awfully much. I do some video editing and photo restoration as well.
    OK, someone think of a humorous slogan that isn't already being used that would apply to fishing, harnesses, walleyes, etc.
  14. "Logan Lures - For a Big Bite"
    "For the Biggest Bites use Logan Lures"
    "Bait the Big One from Logan Lures'
    "Eat Me / Logan Lures"
    "Meateaters prefer Logan Lures"
    "Worms Fear Us , Fish can't Resist Us"

  15. Some Good ones! Maybe I'll put a walleye head coming up to a harness with Eat Me...
    Keep them coming guys, I can have a different design on every shirt.
  16. from an old t-shirt i have, one of my favoites and wish i could find another....it is holey and ragged, but just cant toss it.

    "bite me"

    had nothing more than a worm on a hook and that phrase, never failed to get a good reaction whenever i wore it

    as a side note one of my other favorites id like to find again has a squirrel holding a stick over a couple acorns says

    "protect your nuts"
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    I Fish I am what I eat.

    All Eyes on Logan Lures
  18. [​IMG]

    how is this one? (thanks snakecharmer)