SxS question-Made in 1890 from Belgium

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    Sorry for the pictures being so large. I resized them twice. Does anyone have any idea what the value of this piece may be. The firing pins are intact and do strike. Everything works as it should. The only thing I have found out about it is that is does not take regular(modern) 12 gauge shells but a special paper shell that runs about $1 a piece. I have read where guys still use these weapons and that they are safe and fully functional due to the way they are put together. For a weapon that is over 100 years old it really is super clean. I have never oiled it or cleaned because I was afraid I would screw it up and lower the value. So what you are looking at is uncleaned or lubed. I am sure it would clean up nice but not sure what would be safe to use:confused:

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    chessie,i'd try looking at