Swingos or Swindlers?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Snakecharmer, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Saw this on Cleveland.com .. Swingos closed and ripped off gift card holders...They ought to sent them to jail. They aren't declaring bankruptcy.

    "They hosted Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones, Muhammad Ali and President Jimmy Carter. Now, one of Cleveland's pre-eminent restaurant families has called it quits.

    Matt Swingos, a third-generation restaurateur, says he and his brother, Dan, are closing the family's two restaurants. Swingos Grand Tavern at 32858 Walker Road, Avon Lake, closed at the end of service Feb. 7, and Swingos on the Lake at 12900 Lake Ave., Lakewood, served its final meals over the weekend.

    Monday, Swingos was notifying employees of the company's decision. Between the two properties, about 60 workers lost their jobs. There are no plans to refund outstanding gift certificates, Swingos said. The restaurants are not part of Cleveland Independents, an organization of 80 restaurants that honor gift cards from member restaurants that close."