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    hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone on the boards uses swimbaits??? and if so what size and when do you use them?? thanks for any help.
  2. I use Storm swimbaits in the 3" size. Blue gill color. Never had any luck with them this late in the year, but they work well for me in the spring

  3. MuskieJim

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    The new hollow body swimbaits (MoneyMinnow, Shadalicious) have incredible swimming action and excellent hook up rates. I recommend using them at all times of the year, just different sizes. Most are offered in several sizes.

    I had a buddy catch 17 bass in a day at West Branch this year on hollow body swimbaits, and one musky! He sold me on them....
  4. ...........if your not fly fishing, so if your cheating:p , you might as well actually catch fish, so why would you throw something other than a swimbait?
    i love them, 3-4.5in baits are "right" for ohio bass, I like big ones but i am crazy, and atleast then they are backup striper baits. there are a bunch of styles, hollow bodies are very versitile for bass in lakes
  5. the only way swimbaits dont work is if you dont use them.
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    I've used several brands this year and found my best results with the Yum Money Minnow - 5" size. Dunked my camera after I caught this bass - caught several others from the same school with a medium retrieve over the top of weed beds next to deep water. Give 'em a try!

    2.7 pounder - Yum Money Minnow

    Same fish - notice how deep he took it!

    Use at least a 5/0 hook with the weight attached (about 3/32oz - acts like a keel) and retrieve at a medium to medium-slow pace. Beauty of these things is they can be fished at any depth - pause before retrieving and they'll sink down where the bass are. Or start the retrieve as soon as it hits the water for topwater.

    Great lures!

  7. I use them quite a bit but mostly hard baits, I have never had much sucess with soft swimmers. Here is a 4lb 12oz bass caught last week on a 7" homemade swimbait.
  8. enterbass!!!!!!!!! you are showing the secret color....NOOO lol. that color and size is killer in ohio lakes for some reason(bluegills???) I took some pigs on it this year, btw those fish are toads, I love the look of fat fal largemouth