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  1. Fishers of Men

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    The MV Pontonostos coming into the Columbia River out
    at Buoy 2 at the end of the ebb. A mild winter weather crossing taken from
    the Pilot Boat Chinook on December 17 around 13:00 hrs.


    We might get one of these on Lake Erie if those earthquakes get any bigger this year. Keep those engines tuned up. :D :)
  2. That kind of reminds me of what the 6 footers looked like from my 15ft tri-hull last summer when I got caught out on mother Erie:D

  3. PapawSmith

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    This is exactally why we should all own a Lyman! :p
  4. Fishers of Men

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    OUCH, OUCH, and OUCH
  5. Looks familiar. Was in a 120 knot gale in the Pacific. Everyone was seasick.
  6. walleyekid

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    two drift sock troll
  7. I'll take rollers over breakers any day.