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    Nothing better than good fish stories........

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    Did you guys tie the knot yet? :p
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    Jeeze it never ends.................
    For the record. The story on Dan's shirt is as follows.
    His boat name is "Wrong Way". Big Daddy has been able to get him some TV time twice, well really only once. Filmed twice but the first time he ended up on the cutting room floor. Which he swears was all my doing. NOT! First time I was fishing on his boat out of Fairport Harbor and we dodged some water spouts and saw over 25. I took some good photos and shipped then off to Carl. TV 3 got a hold of them and ran a story. They interviewed and filmed us both. At that time Dan had a face for radio.
    Fast forward to Jan 4 2007. Carl, Dan, another friend and myself fished with Fish Crazy for the night bite out of Cleveland. At the last minute Carl was able to get WKYC on board for a story. Carl and myself bowed out for a few hours and let Dan and our friend Isac shine. TV 3 did a great job with the story and Dan had his 15 seconds of fame. So I had the "Wrong Way" fishing team As seen on TV shirt made for him.

    There you have it.
    Dixie Chicken

    PS: Carl fished with us a few weeks ago and that's where the new photo comes from
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    Mr. Chicken,

    Based upon your shirt how do we know if we can believe you story?:D
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    I was trying to deflect from my shirt to Dan's. Didn't work huh?
  7. yes but what i really wanna know is how many sheepers did you guys catch :p