Sweet Justice After Beeing Front-Ended

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JignPig Guide, Jul 28, 2008.

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    While working shoreline cover at Salt Fork Lake last Saturday morning. Two guys in another watercraft pulled about 80-feet in front of me (within casting distance) and set up shop. Now Salt Fork offers over 3057-acres of water, and this guy had to pull right in front of me. I didn't comment. And I just went around them and kept fishing.
    The best part is... I caught a nice bass in the 3-pound class on my buzzbait right after going around them!!! They were snagged-up in a tree and watched me catch it! LOL! Then about ten minutes later while still in their view. I caught one in the 2-pound class! He yelled over and asked me what I was using and I lied. LOL! They were the only two keepers I caught all morning, but they don't know that. I hope they think I slaughtered them!
  2. I was fishing Clearfork Saturday and went past two guys in a boat. Waved at them to be friendly and for whatever reason they wouldn't wave back?? They were heading in one direction and I pulled in behind them and headed the other direction (fishing water they had just fished). Pulled two nice bass immediately, in their view.
    They turned around and started following me and I kept putting bass in the boat and never did see them put any in. Would have told them my program had they asked. I believe in being friendly - it's good Karma!!