Sweet corn vs storm last night

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    Ok I am so pissed I can not see straight! I was looking over the garden the other day and thought to myself "The corn is getting tall enough now that I should start making some supports" Well of course I put it off and now I am paying for it! The stalks are/were about 7' tall and a few were just starting ears.So here is my question: If I drive some t-posts on both ends and maybe one on each side in the middle, then run some heavy twine around the whole thing both high and low do you think I can save them? I picked up a few and some appear to not be "broke" or "snapped" off just bent. While others appear snapped about 1 foot or so up. Any suggestions on how to save my corn? :confused:
    Thanks, BC
  2. I think you'll be surprised how many you can save. It sure won't hurt anything to try. Be grateful you have what you do have. Mine has only made it to about 8" tall. :rolleyes: I've given up on it now.

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    I had the same thing happen several years ago. I did exactly what your thinking. Drove a steel fence post each end and strung bailer twine between them each side of the corn. I was amazed that all the corn recovered. Even the stalks that had kinked, although they were forever leaners. I learned that year, that in an effort to maintain a weed free garden, I had overworked my soil and that affected my corn's stability. Not saying that's what you did, thats just what I did.
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    chess,drive in a t-post on both ends then use a rope between them to prop the corn back up.it'll do fine.
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    Had the wife come out and help me. Added a couple t-posts to the ends. Tried several times to tie everything up with some bailing twine. Not even close to being strong enough. Amazed on how heavy just a few stalks are. So went with plan "B". Grabbed some rope and a rachet strap. Got everything in the 1 st row up and off the ground. Now need to work on the 2nd row. Hoping to save the 2nd row since over half of them have ears started.
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  6. One of my tomatoe plants got knocked over byt he storm. It is an enormous Roma plant, supported by a wire basket. the whole basket collapsed!

    I had to stake up the basket, but I think it will be OK.
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    dust the silk with sevin and it'll keep those beetles away from eating your crop.
  8. one of the bad things about the rain were getting this year is the roots don't have to go deep in the soil to get water, shallow roots= weak corn to wind
    if you remember last year during the drought, we had short corn but it was sturdy...but the good news is your corn should be fine (most of it)
  9. Miricle grow..... I fixes everything ?
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    Look's good Chessie, I think you're in the clear!
  11. Looks to me they are planted to close together! Sure you want to get more but sometimes that means planting them further apart gives you more in the long run.
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    You are correct Sir!! :p What happened was I plant the corn,onions, garlic and such super dense and close. When they start coming up I pull out every other one or so, that way I know for sure when I plant that I can fill the row in case a few don't take. Well when the corn started, I just couldn't make myself pull any because they looked so good:) . Thought I would just roll the dice and leave them alone. Never had plants so close but hope they work out.
  13. Know what you mean by not wanting to pull the plants when they look so good! Had a hard time doing it myself and I'm sure I could space them further apart but like you can't bring myself to do it. It's been a good year so far for my garden but who knows what Mother Nature will deal out the rest of the season. Good Luck to you on yours hope you get a bumper crop. Looks like what you did should work.