Sweet.... Chris Henry is Coming Back to the Bengals!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by H2O Mellon, Aug 19, 2008.

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  2. What a class player, for a class team, by a class coach and owner.

  3. I think it really speaks to how big a question they have at the WR posistion, not only for this year but the near future as well.
  4. triton175

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    Why does he "deserve" another shot? Has he done anything to take responsibility for his actions?
    I don't follow the Bengals, but he seems to be just another criminal in a sports uniform.
  5. He had his house foreclosed on, does that count?
  6. sevenx

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    He was found inncocent of the most recent charges, so does he deserve another shot, I am on the fence on this one the guy is an idiot for what he has gotten into but at the same time he is a young kid and we all made mistakes at that age we were just not in the spot light. I know I have some things on my record I am not proud of from my early twenties. That said the proof is in the pudding so to speak. He has just had a gift handed to him so he better have his $#*% together. I think he could be a great ball player and an asset to the team but I don't know if he has the character for it. S

  7. He wasn't found innocent at his last trial...it was a hung jury and the judge declared a mis-trial, while the prosecution decided that they didn't really have enough evidence to try him again so all charges were dropped - -Goodell still suspended him for the first 4 games of this season (but I won't go there)

    I'm a Bengals fan and I love what Henry can do on the field, but I really don't think he belongs in the NFL after 5 arrests in 3 years - -if it were you or me, we'd get the 3 strike rule.

    But, with that said, and the fact that he is once again a Bengal, I'm going to be praying that he stays out of trouble off the field so the Bengals can use that talent on the field.
  8. They can use him starting week 5! So what good does that really do? I would think they would be better off picking up a guy from another team and teaching him the system.

    I listened to WLW yesterday on the way to Indy and everyone that called bashed Marv Lewis because they said he had no spine and went back on his word...talked about how Mike Brown was such a saint for giving him another chance.....I don't get it???

    Seems to me Lewis really would not have a say if this is a move Brown wanted and he said some of the same things about changing the face of the Bengals...getting rid of the bad seeds...blah, blah, blah

    I think Lewis will be gone after this year, but because Brown is not a good football owner, not because he is a bad coach.
  9. I listened to 700WLW lastnight before the Reds game and they basically said that Marvin had no choice, Mike Brown trumped him and said we are signing Henry, I dont think anybody that covers football is for this move, they mentioned the fact that Joe Horn is still out there and could help immediately...not week 5, obviously Marvin doesnt have the clout I thought he did.
  10. what a lousy team. just like last year, they preached that rudi was back and he's not playing again because of another leg injury (hamstring). The secondary got ripped against Detroit and our offensive line couldn't protect any qb.

    so, same running attack as last year, both WR's are injured, and we sign a loser wr who can't play until week 5?
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    While I wasn't happy with the signing at first, I can see why they did what they did. Other teams are doing the same thing. Dallas signed Packman Jones. You can't blame the Bengals for wanting to win. It is debatable wether you think Chris Henry can help the team win. He already knows the system and with the injuries to Chad, TJ and Caldwell, they needed an insurance policy.

    The only thing I had a problem with is what Marvin Lewis said at the press conference.

    Maybe it is a "waste of time" but taking that kind of attitude is just adding more negativity toward the team. Its building a wall between the team and its fans. I've lived through the dredful 90's. I know what it was like then. Slowy its beginning to "feel" that way again....
  12. [/Quote] I've lived through the dredful 90's. I know what it was like then. Slowy its beginning to "feel" that way again....[/QUOTE]

    a winning season in 2005 is all they have to show. I'm an optimist but it doesn't look good for this year.
  13. i think chad johnson getting hurt had a little bit to do with this. chris henry is heck of player. i hope he knows this is his final chance to play in the NFL.and the bengals win more games with him on the field.
  14. Dallas can take a flyer on Pacman though, they havent taken as many hits as we have on the public image front.
  15. SConner

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    A leopard can't change his spots. This guy has demonstrated repeatedly what he is about. Can't understand this move at all!
  16. I am a Browns fan, so what the Bengals screw up should be good news to me, but it isn't....Cinci fans deserve better. The BAD news is that athleticism far too often outweighs character. If any of us did just ONCE what this guy has repeatedly done, we would be OUT of a career! The Bengals are certainly ONE of the worst, if not THE worst NFL teams of the last 20 years......the reason is simple & it's too damned bad that the great Paul Brown is probably turning over in his grave about now.
  17. I've heard rumors that CJ's shoulder injury is worse than what's being reported (remember just a rumor), and now Sim's toe injury is enough that they are sending him to a specialist and they lost another receiver today as Maxwell is down with a torn muscle that looks to keep him out at least a month.

    So, it might be week 5 that we see Henry on the field and the Bengals look to need him.
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    He deservesd another chance...
    and another
    and another
    and another
    and another
    and another
    and another
    and another.....
  19. Maybe our defense will keep us in some games until our wideouts get healthy;)
  20. the bengals are a bunch loosers.. the only player that has any skill is palmer. 0-16:S thats my prediction....