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Right, I understand CJ.
I used to go to the Service counter at my local grocery store. They will make some change for you without needing to buy anything.
If you go during the day when many folks are working, I found I didn't even have to wait for my turn; like at a bank.I could just walk up to the counter.
I expect most everyone will have some quarters, ones, fives and tens. I will.

I just didn't want to see anyone lose sales for lack of some change. And as you sell you should also take in ones and fives as well.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you have. ;)
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Thanks, I get your point, Jim. I have been making jigs and harnesses(I refer to them as “creations”!) for over 60 yrs.(my “hobby). I have an ad on Ak-Cant. craigslist w/pics and have sold some surplus(multiples), so I can “create“ more!(I use them with fairly good results). I typically charge only a bit more than my time and materials. My stuff, I consider “smalls”($ wise). This is an opportunity to get some “visibility” and I’ll have some cash for change(hopefully enough to get “started”).
61 - 80 of 110 Posts