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  1. Just for the guys wondering about Kiser, CJ , Eastwood, Sycamore and a few places south of there. Lets update this topic in the SW forum so we can maximize our handful of days down here in the deep south. :p

    I am 15 miles West of Dayton and a few minutes ago, checked my pond, it was at 2.5" so I think me and Dinkbuster may give it a shot tomorrow, we are close!!! Be careful out there guys!

  2. Not that anyone would want to ice fish here, but there is no open water on the GMR in Troy from the dam upstream. The faster water below the dam is open and I don't know about downstream from that.

  3. Dinkbuster came over to show me a few tricks today on my new pond. Ice was about 2.5-3" and extreme caution was used. We never got any closer then about 15 feet and treaded lightly. Had ice picks and ropes ready if needed.
    Dink ( Mike) was the test subject, here he is drilling a few test holes and searching for fish.


    Here he is landing the first fish from my pond and his first from the ice this year, not a whopper but always a good start.


    A little close up of the whopper


    and here I am with a little nicer one which was my first ever off the ice so I was pumped.


    In all we took a half dozen or so and the last couple were bigger then the ones in the picture and very fat which is good to see since these guys were stocked at 2-4" this past June.

    We drilled about 8 holes and found them roaming so we would get one then wait a while and then get another one, had to search around for them, most wer up about 3 feet in about 9-10 feet of water and all came on glow jigs tipped with waxies.

    Too bad it started raining on us as the sun went down and by tomorrow the ice will be questionable again. Thanks again to Mike for showing me a few good tricks to help me catch my first fishes.

    Thought everyone would enjoy the ice pics. Enjoy.
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    Salmonid.....thanks for the pic. share......and I detect the pride of catching YOUR FIRST/FROM YOUR POND.....To which I reply......I think that is blast and glad you shared those moments with us......Also glad your on your way to being a seasoned "ICER"..............Happy Holidays to you........Jon Sr. Keep at it.
  5. Congrats on your new pond and may it bring you and yours years of happiness:)
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    Awesome fishing man!! Glad to see the pond's doing well
  7. Way to go! Congratulation!
    Live Sex
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    Nice Report
    Back to the subject ;)
    Anyone wanna give me a CJ update?
    Any ice at all-whats the marina like if possible? Thanks
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    CJ Brown is back to soft water again..............Doc
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    it is gonna be 65 degrees sat, I hope this stinking ice melts and stays away!
  12. very nice to be on the ice again, one of my earliest ice expeditions! too bad we didnt take pics of the bigger fish, we both caught some whoppers. i am still shocked as to how fast 'gills grow! its still early for ice on the bigger lakes like Eastwood, CJ, Kiser, etc. eagerly awaiting reports of good ice!
  13. Just an update, my pond Just West of Dayton, as of 3:00 pm on Thursday, the 15th, had exactly 2" of clear ice under 1 " of powder snow. Were close, with polar arctic temps the next two days with heavy winds, looks like this Sunday will be perfect to get out on the ice and fish around the bundle of trees I submerged a few weeks ago into 10' of water.;) Report is for WNW Winds at 8 MPH and highs near 25.

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    I'm hoping to be fishing on CC Saturday morning. Looking to get into some crappie! If the ice isn't good there I will be moving to a private pond outside of Springboro.

    I'm the surprised that the ice is only two inches thick, I was going to guess that by now it would have been 3+. Tonight's frigid weather should be enough to add an inch of ice, another 1/2 tomorrow, 3/4 tomorrow night and we're looking at 4+ by Saturday! At least that is what I'm hoping for.
  15. Yeah, I was expecting it to be thicker also which is why I posted that info. I was on it out in about 3 feet of water when I punched the test hole, I use a wood maul and cut a 6" square and pull out the chunk and get a accurate measurement on it. With snow cover, it hasnt helped the ice making so everyone needs to know it may not be as thick as one hoped for, I still think by Sunday it will be good, Ill post again tomorrow afternoon and try to monitor how much more ice we get overnight with the below zero temps.

  16. ice was 3 inches at best at Possum Creek Metro-Park, mostly between 2 and 2-1/2 inches thick! this place usually freezes up really fast and thick. man it was scary but we managed. snow cover must have kept it from freezing thicker this weekend. :(
  17. Hit a pond this morning for a couple hrs.Ice is 4-4.5 inches in the cincy area i fished. Caught a few bluegill and one nice crappie.

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  18. what part of cincy?
  19. Nice fish Randy, both the big gills and the crappie!
    I just checked my pond again and now am up to exactly 3" of ice, with about 3" of snow over it. Im about to shovel the whole pond to see if I can get another inch out of before the warm up on Thursday. :p
    I think I am gonna hit it tomorrow with either Dinkbuster or Pendogg
    Will post results good or bad.

    Folks, with the snow covering ice over a lot of the SW area, be careful out there!