SW Fishing Report 10/18/2007

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    Jim Morris' fishing report Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Indian Lake: Saugeyes have been hitting all over the lake. Most of the action has been around Moundwood, Dream Bridge and the south bank. Use large minnows, Vib-E's or Rat-L-Traps. Fish around lily pads or docks to catch crappies on minnows. For bluegills, fish with waxworms or redworms around docks and brush.

    Grand Lake St. Marys: Crappie fishing has been good around docks and pontoons and other shady places. Use minnows, waxworms and jigs and fish shallow, 10 inches to a foot. Bluegills are hitting around docks and brush on redworms and waxworms. Catfish are hitting shrimp or nightcrawlers all over the lake.

    Paint Creek Lake: Low water levels continue to be a problem with the U.S. 50 ramp the only one in service. Also, avoid Rattlesnake Creek, also due to low water. Crappies are biting all over the lake on minnows and jigs, usually around wood and brush in 3-6 feet of water. White bass are hitting Roostertails and small white twisters from the beach to the island. Saugeyes have been going after chartreuse twisters in the same area. Anglers are catching bass around the stumps near the campground on black/blue jigs or black/grape plastics.

    Lake Loramie: Crappie fishing has been good with the larger fish coming from deep water. Try fishing around the lily pads on the west end of the lake with a bass minnow under a slip bobber. Saugeyes have been caught off of the trenches on the east end, mostly on large minnows. For bluegills, use waxworms and fish the brush. Catfish are biting everywhere.

    Rocky Fork Lake: Plenty of saugeyes are being caught on Hot-N-Tots, Shad-Raps and chartreuse twisters around the island and off of the south beach. Crappies are deep, 12-14 feet. Look for tree tops and laydowns or fish around docks. Bass are 4-6 feet deep and hitting best on crankbaits. Fish around docks and brush with waxworms to catch bluegills.

    C. J. Brown Reservoir: Walleyes have been biting over the humps. Most have been caught by trolling Hot-N-Tots, Rat-L-Traps or worm harnesses at depths of 6-10 feet. Crappies have been biting in the marina and all over the no-wake zone, mostly on minnows. For bluegills, use redworms or waxworms and fish around docks and the fish attractors. White bass have been hitting shiny spoons and spinners around the ramp.

    Caesar Creek Lake: Crappies are being caught at depths around 12 feet and also deeper, down to 30 feet. The larger fish are in deeper water. Use large minnows and look for structure. Saugeyes have been taking large minnows and nightcrawlers drifted over the flats. Also try trolling with a crankbait. Muskie fishing is good in the late mornings, usually in shallow water. For bass, work the banks and points with crankbaits.

    Acton Lake: Bluegills are biting on waxworms and mealworms near weeds adjacent to deeper water. For crappies, use jigs tipped with wax worms or minnows under a bobber. If you cast, use a slow retrieve. Crappies are in 5 to 10 feet of water, just off the bottom. A few bass have been taken with jigs and plastics. Low water levels have made using the ramps difficult.

    Cowan Lake: Crappie fishing has been getting better as the water temperature drops. Fish the drop-offs with minnows. Try trolling a small crankbait to catch saugeyes. Plenty of catfish have been caught off of the banks on waxworms and redworms.

    Lake Erie: For yellow perch, fish on the east side of Kelleys Island with shiners just off the bottom. Also try the turnaround buoy, the northern cans of the Camp Perry firing range and north of the Marblehead lighthouse. Walleyes have been caught off of Crane Creek in 18 to 20 feet of water and also from Green Island to Niagara Reef and Northwest Reef. The best smallmouth fishing has been off of Ruggles Reef.

    For Lake Erie conditions and information, call (888) HOOK-FISH or visit wildohio.com.

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