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    Here is a look at southwest Ohio lakes and how the fishing is rated for various species by district fish management supervisors Doug Maloney and Ken Cunningham of the Ohio Division of Wildlife:

    Acton Lake: The outlook is excellent for crappies and largemouth bass; good for bluegills, catfish and saugeyes.

    Adams Lake: Recently stocked rainbow trout fishing should be excellent; bluegill fishing should be good.

    Caesar Creek Lake: Bluegill fishing is rated excellent; all other species are rated good, including the muskellunge population that has been increasing in recent years.

    C.J. Brown Reservoir: Crappies get a very good rating, while walleyes, bluegills and white bass are good.

    Clark Lake: Rainbow trout were just stocked, so there should be plenty; bluegills are rated good.

    Cowan Lake: Rate this lake excellent for catfish, white bass, crappies and bluegills should be very good. Saugeyes are rated good.

    East Fork Lake: Catfish should be excellent; crappies very good; bass and striped bass are rated good.

    Eastwood Lake: Owned by Five Rivers MetroParks and has been stocked with saugeyes by the state for the past eight years. So saugeye fishing should be good. Also, channel cats have been stocked.

    Grand Lake St. Marys: Catfish are again rated excellent; bass are good, but crappies and perch have fallen to just fair.

    Grant Lake: Bullhead fishing should be excellent; channel cats and bluegills are rated good.

    Kiser Lake: As usual, bluegills fishing should be excellent; crappies, bass and hybrid striped bass are listed as good.

    Indian Lake: You go to this lake to fish for saugeye, which is rated excellent. Bluegills and largemouth bass fishing will be good.

    Lake Loramie: Bullhead and bluegills are listed as excellent, channel cats very good, while crappies, saugeyes and bass are considered good.

    Paint Creek Lake: Fishing for channel and flathead catfish, and crappies is labeled excellent; bass and bluegills very good. Saugeye fishing is excellent, but only in the tailwaters.

    Rocky Fork Lake: Probably the best largemouth bass fishing around, rated excellent along with bluegills; channel and flathead catfish, and crappies are rated very good; saugeyes good.

    Rush Run Lake: Since rainbows are stocked spring and fall, the outlook is excellent. It's good for bluegills and largemouth bass.

    Stonelick Lake: Excellent for rainbows; good for bluegills.

    Sycamore State Park, Trotwood: Excellent for rainbows, stocked in March and October.

    Tawawa Lake. Sidney: Stocked with rainbows in October; excellent until they are gone.

    Great Miami River: Excellent smallmouth bass fishing from Sidney downstream to Hamilton area. Areas below dams also hold saugeyes; plenty of catfish and carp are available.

    Little Miami River: Smallmouth fishing is good. You'll also find catfish, rock bass and maybe even a stray muskie.

    Mad River: Outlook good in Champaign and Logan counties for stocked brown trout, some up to 10 pounds. Smallmouth bass are found in lower section.

    Stillwater River: Excellent smallmouth fishing; largemouth and crappies also present.