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  1. I'm thinking about purchasing a 91' Suzuki 9.9 horse outboard. It's a short shaft, 2 stroke w/ tiller drive. Just wondering what everyones opinons were on Suzuki motors. How do these motors compare to other makes of similiar size? Any Pros or Cons? Any and all info is appreciated.

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  2. don;t no why ? there just not real popular around here . BUT . what I:VE heard over the yrs ,there one tuff motor , runs good ? don;t look to beat up? price is right? go for it .

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    GarryS on here has a 150 and as far as I know he's never had any problems with it. I also have a friend that has a 9.9 that is about the same year, that he take to Canada as a kicker/extra motor. I've used it a few times and have no problem at all recommending them.
    If your looking for a new motor I'd recommend you check the Tohatsu out. I just got one and so far it's a great motor. They are actually like the mercury motors as all the parts, if ever needed, can be bought from Merc. It also comes with a 3 year warranty.