Suspended Crappie Tactics

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    Looking for some advice from experienced sucessful crappie fisherman on Hoover suspended crappies.I fish Hoover a lot and have been marking a lot of fish in the 30 to 35 ft. depth range with suspended fish at between 15 and 25 ft. Question. Am I locating schools of shad or possibly crappie? I have tried jiging,trolling,slip bobering without much sucess. Current always seems to be to stong during the drift to accuratly judge how deep I am getting.Any Advise?
    Have boat,have gear would be willing to meet at Red Bank launch for a lesson.
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    you could be marking crappies,white bass,shad or all the sizes of this tiome the fish are keying on the shad and will follow them.try trolling cranks like shadraps,hot n tots,thundrstick,etc.
    experiment with depth/line out.try getting the bait a foot or two above the fish.drifting or anchoring wil work also.tightline or slip floats/minnies,jigs.casting roadrunners also works.just let bait fall to just above fish and retrieve very slow.
    the problem now is the fish aren't always feeding actively and even when you find them,it can be work getting them to bite.we had that situation today.were on a bunch of fish but they were in a neutral mood and the bite was slow and light.they would nip the tails off the minnies and just nip at the roadrunners.
    you just need to experiment to get the right depth.another pattern is fishing the flats.the fish are close to bottom in 12-15 feet,which is the same depth you'll find them suspending in deep water.use the same tactics and also try vertical jigging blade baits and spoons.

  3. I was just waiting to see how long before the Hoover Professional would reply!! Listen to him you will catch fish!! Especially what was said about flats with 12-15 foot water they are all over them right now. Also drop-offs into same depths will have fish suspending as well. Those open water boys can be real tuff to get but by moving shallower you will find more active fish. At least that is what i do at Alum,Oshay,Delaware in summer. Do not get on Hoover much but want to. :)
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    whenever you're ready:D