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  1. I recently updated my entertainment center with a new Philips LCD tv and a Panasonic surround sound system. With all my old stuff I just ran av cables from the tv audio out to the audio in on the surround sound. My new tv dosnt have the typical audio out ports to hook to my new surround sound. How do I hook it up. My surround reciever replaced my dvd player so the dvd sound comes directly through the surround and my xbox is hooked to the audio in on the surround but my tv isnt. I was watching a live broadcast last night in hd and the sound was rediculously bad because it was broadcast in 5.1 and it was coming from the reg stereo speakers in the tv itself. I have read through both the tv and the surround manuals and I cant seem to figure this out. Someone please help!!!
  2. run an optical cable from your cable or satellite box to the optical port on your stereo. then make sure your digital selection on your stereo is on optical.

  3. Thanks. There is an optical input on the surround but not an output on the tv. I dont have a cable box, I just have basic. I guess if thats my only option ill have to call the cable company and get a box.
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    Help us out here... what outputs does your TV have for audio? You have coax going in, which is fine. You can watch tv with the tv speakers, right? Now, if you want 5.1 surround, you need to have a cable from TV to audio receiver (since you don't have a cable box). There are 3 types of cable that will accomplish this: 1) HDMI which is best 2) Optical... 2nd best 3) Coaxial- the audio coaxial cable has an RCA type end on it and the plug is usually orange, as opposed to an F connector, like your antennea input.

    Check your TV for either of those outputs. If it has one of them, check your audio receiver to see if it has the same type of input. You will likely have to buy a cable, as all three are special cables.

    The only wildcard I am not sure of is even if one of the above is present, whether standard cable produces 5.1 without a box. Once you check your stuff out, feel free to PM me with any more questions. I still recommend getting an HD cable box. I mean, why have the HD LCD without HD service?
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    i have a hd tv and no hd service and my parents get the hd service for their hd tv and i dont see any if at all difference in picture..we both have lg tv's... that is what has kept me from getting the costly hd service from direct tv.. and when buying a new tv there are not to many bigg tv's without the hd technology ... so that is maybe why he dont have the hd service..
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    I have an LG, too. I notice a big difference. It could have to do with not having the best connections, like a good HDMI cable or at least a good component video cable. I also have a dish, which is a little better, as well. I think the biggest mistake many people make is not investing in the wiring to make the tv look its best.
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    i admit my parents have the ( must i say stock wiring??) i think i will suggest they buy better wiring... so what should they buy to get better picture??? im going Christmas shopping with them Saturday so i can pick something out for them...????
  8. I have an hd tv because if you go buy a tv these days, nearly everything on the market is hd. I have many channels that I have been thinking are hd, maybe they are just digital, I dont know, but if I flip from the local station for example to the local hd broadcast of the same station the picture is night and day. The hd or digital or whatever they are channels I get are in 5.1 so the sound sucks especially a live event. As far as the cables go, regardless of how high of quality a cable I buy, my service is still coming in on a basic co ax from the local cable service. As far as the inputs go on my tv I have a bunch but I need outputs to get what I trying to achieve, right? I dont believe I have any outputs at all. I'll check it all again in the morning and get back to ya again, I'm off to bed for now. Thank you.
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    PEON- Get an HDMI. Mine was a $100 Monster Cable brand. However, you can find a decent one cheaper at Radio Shack, maybe even Wal Mart. I was really intrigued by your post. I almost took some pictures of the Cavs game in regular and HD last night to show the difference.

    ps- The HDMI also transmits the audio, so they wouldn't have to have any other audio cables connected to the TV... assuming they don't also have a surround system connected
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    Yes, if there are no outputs, you definitely need the box. What you explain above surely sounds like you are getting the local channels in HD.
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    Bassblaster, you will not receive a HD signal through a coax cable hooked directly to your tv. You must have a converter box and go either RGB (3 wires) or HDMI to the TV. You can also get HD from rabbit ears and a TV with a HD tuner built in. -Hooch-
  12. Yea, you can't get 5.1 audio through standard cable TV.

    You can, however, with most receivers, feed it the standard stereo audio that comes with your basic coax cable feed, and tell your receiver to use Dolby ProLogic, or a similar setting, depending on what your model receiver offers. Essentially it can take a stereo feed and generate the other 3.1 channels to feed all of your speakers and vice versa. In doing so, it's not like true AC3 Digital 5.1 in that each channel is a seperate digital audio signal. But most receivers are able to at least generate audio to pump to all of the speakers.
  13. Thanks for all the help, I'm gonna continue doing a little research to see what I can come up with but if it means spending $100 on a cable as mentioned above, then I'll do without.
  14. As mentioned,
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    I am actually dealing with the same thing this week. I have cable with the HD box and a surround system. Currently I have the 3 wires for HD (blue red and I think green) that we got from the cable company. I have the audio going straight from the cable box to reciever for sound.

    2 part question.

    My plan was to get an HDMI cable to run from cable box to TV. I wasnt planing on running audio threw the TV at all. I was going to get an optical cable to go from the cable box to the surround unit. Question 1, am I on the right track here or did I overlook somthing?

    Question 2, I have found the HDMI cables from $20-$300. Is there a huge diffrence from cable to cable, are the low priced ones crap? Since my TV isn't top of the line would spending good cash on a cable be a waste?

    Tks in advance if anyone can share some wisdom.
  16. Low priced really doesn't have an effect. Basically, its a digital feed. Your device either gets the 1s and 0s, or it doesn't.

    And yes, you're on the right track. It's totally fine to run an HDMI into your tv, and run another digital connection for audio from the cable box to the receiver.

    The only issue you could possibly run into, is the audio being slightly out of sync with the tv display. It's a possibility, but i've never seen it. I have a TV hooked up that way, simply because the cable box only has HDMI, and the tv only has HDMI, while my receiver doesn't do HDMI switching. Works for me, No complaints.
  17. i buy all my audio cables on ebay. really cheap.
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    Bassblaster and rolland. Do yourself a favor, do some searching and reading. From what I have read you can't go wrong w/ Blue Jeans Cable. Audioholics also has days worth of reading to get through. Pay attention to dates of articles when doing any searching on HDTV. Things have changed drastically in a very short period of time.

    One thing to keep in mind. Even $300 Monster cable won't stop all interference if it's jumbled in a spaghetti mess behind your electronics. Route things neatly. Keep signal wires away from power/speaker wires. Your better off with decently priced cables routed nicely.