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    OK, Here is the deal I have a harman/kardon avr 230 logic 7 system with 6 jbl speakers jbl 200 watt sub woofer and a progressive scan harmon and/kardon dvd player all cabels and cords for hook up. With that said there is a problem with it when I turn it on it goes in to protect mode and shuts down. it actually says protect mode on the screen. I called the service provider here in cincinnati and they said I could have a broken wire somewhere and it would cost 25.00 to check it and that 25.00 would go towards the repair and it would be an easy fix and not real expensive. With the way I work I do not watch much t.v any more so I am letting it go. I paid over 700.00 for the whole system i'll take 350.00 and will throw in 24 moveis all dvd and no copies all store bought here is the list of movies

    1- days of thunder

    2- remember the titans

    3- hidalgo

    4- indian summer

    5- the cowboy way

    6- swat

    7- blackhawk down

    8- windtalkers

    9- bad boys 2

    10- aspen extrem

    11- sea biscut

    12- master and commander

    13- a few good men

    14- top gun

    15- bruce almighty

    16- the last castle

    17- gone in 60 seconds

    18- rain man

    19- hulk

    20- siqns

    21- wagons east

    22- tears of the sun

    23- we were soldiers

    24- 2 fast 2 furious

    all moves are in a-1 shape and play well with no scratches

    I am firm on the price of 350.00