Surprising more people don't get hurt, or die!

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    Being that I am lucky enough to have summers off, I usually fish during the week and early mornings. I try to avoid river traffic. Today, I decided at about 3:00ish to go float the LMR from the Narrows down to Washington Mill. It was so nice outside and I just wanted to get out of the house. I knew I wouldn't catch much.

    The river was full with ca-brewers!! I mean, these folks about run into everything on the river. 4 out of 5 canoes wreck into strainers or other debris at every riffle in the river. If they're not drinking, it is obvious they have little experience paddling, or they have a little kid in the front seat of their canoe. (referring to an earlier post a few weeks back, I too today saw someone with a little baby in their canoe.) These guys choose the wrong side of the river to float as they were always walking in the shallows, or the opposite, they got flipped or hung up in strainers.

    I had fun, at the bottom of each riffle I would fish and watch them come downstream and wreck. On a serious note, it is surprising we do not hear of more people being hurt on our rivers. After what I saw today...geez...
  2. That happened on the same run to me about three weeks ago. They came down banging and clanging into everything; going down backwards into the riffles and getting stuck in the trees. I agree, I'm surprised that you don't here more about people getting hurt. On that stretch there is one spot in particular that could really give someone a rough time. All three canoes that came down went nose first into the high bank at a good rate of speed. Once that water comes down another foot they may not recover due to that bank being severely undercut.

  3. Youre right, it's amazing more people are not hurt. If people drink and canoe, that's a DUI! (assuming their over the limit). Unlike driving though, theyre usually only risking their own life. Although in this case it angers me to know that kids could be involved..... Whats sad is that it was just a few months ago a five yr. old was canoing w/ adults and the canoe tipped. I think the child drowned.