Supplemental Deer Feeding

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  1. I have access to laboratory grade rat food. The deer love it! They fight over it! It's shaped into pellets about the size of dog food. It smells pretty good too.

    Ground wheat,ground corn,ground oatswheat middlings,soybean oil, soybean meal,alfalfa meal, corn gluten, dicalcium phosphate,brewer's yeast,salt,calcium carbonate,choline chloride,vitamin A,D3,E,acetate,niacin,calcium pantothenate,riboflavin,thiamin mononitrate,pyridoxine hydrachloride,menadione,sodium bisulfate,folic acid,biotin,B12,magnesium oxide,magnous oxide,ferrous sulfate,copper sulfate,zinc oxide,calcium iodate,cobalt carbonate,kaolin.

    That's the ingredient list. Any thing deer shouldn't have???
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    ..doesn't sound like a job I would like to have! I am assuming you work in some lab.

    No ingredients seem out of place to me. Sounds like if you can remake the stuff for yourself, you may have a market for it. If deer fight over it like you say, I would be interested.


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    Probably the "brewers yeast" that is making them fight over it!;)
  4. Not sure the basis for this post but if to start a supplemental feeding program, the Deer Management "pros" say not to start supplemental feeding of deer unless you can be "committed" to it throughout the winter. That means regular visits to the feeding site and having food on hand all winter. They supposedly become "dependent" on it and "suffer greatly" when it stops being available. (Not my wording-the "pros"!) However, occasional baiting for hunting purposes is something completely different.