superline on a spinning reel ??????

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  1. I recently spooled my Okuma AvengerABF30 with PowerPro 8/30 (8# dia/30# test) to give the line a try. It casts great, and there are no problems with the reel, but the line sounds like it is sawing through the guides on the rod!
    I'm sure it's not as bad as it sounds, and it seems to be quieting down some with use, but is there any potential problems to look for? I first tried it on a Shakespeare rod and the sound was very loud, so I switched the reel to a Cabela's "King Kat" rod and it wasn't quite as bad. I've caught several small channel cats on it, but even with wet line it still is loud when reeling in a fish.
    (Planning to spool the Okuma ABF40 with 16/65 PowerPro.)
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    Braid can cut into some guides. Spraying a little Real Magic on the guides periodically will help.

    The noise comes from the braid itself, just like road noise from your car tires. Mono is smoother.

  3. braid can and will cut the rings in guides. That's why new materials are constantly being developed for guides. I've seen it happen to older, cheaper rods that have been spooled up with braid. Like the $15 zebco wallmart special I got when I was like 10, still have it sitting in my basement and the guides are torn up.

    Most of the newer rods are fine with it. If there's any way to find out what the guides on your rods are made of, i'd suggest looking into that.

    I notice some lines make more noise than others tho, just passing through the guides.
  4. All I use is braid about 90% of the time on all of my rods, (30 rods) and have never had a problem with it cutting through any guides. I use bass pro rods and St. Croix rods and they all are fine. I don't use power pro though, not a fan of it. I use Fire Line and Spiderwire and they both work fine.
  5. I use braids on all my rods, and they can cut the guides. If you have guides that have, I think, Zinc oxide or titanium and not the plastic rings, you are good to go. My first braid cut right through the plastic while catfishing salt fork. Like MD said things are improving, just something to look out for.
    - LA