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super braid

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by EDD, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. EDD


    which super braid works best on baitcasters for throwing cranks , that will not catch every 10 cast or so , I liked fusion , but they stop making it
  2. I have Power Pro and love it. I also have fireline on one but I do very little casting on it as it is for the most part my worm harness/bottom bouncer rig. I have used the spiderwire but only on spinning reels. It does okay but my boys have a tough time with it wrapping everywhere due to being too limp. I don't have any problem myself as I am always watching to see that the line picks up properly. The next replacement I do on one of my baitcasters will definitely be with Power Pro.

    I hope this helps.

  3. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    But it's also coarser and makes more noise going through the guides. I like my Spiderwire. It's strong, limp, easy to work with (I think) and you can feel it when a fish farts on it. It is on all my spinning reels and my baitcasters. However, it won't work on all reels. The line lay pattern has to be right. My Stradics do a fine job and my Curados do a great job but my Daiwa Z's never did work well with it. I've had issues with some older Quantum E500s and E600s as well. It all depends on the line lay pattern. I had an old Daiwa Regal Z that would NOT handle it at all.

    I like the braided lines but not the fused lines like Fusion or Fireline. It fuzzes too quickly and loses its strength too fast for me. I do use Power Pro on my catfish rods though. 65 lb test.

  4. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    i use spiderwire original braid and spiderwire stealth on both my garcia's and i love the stuff
  5. Bass_Hawg

    Bass_Hawg Certified Hawg Master

    For Crank baits I don’t like using the super braids. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the stuff and use it on just about all my rods but I don’t use it for cranks. I use Mono for my cranks and here is why. The no stretch with the super braids scares me with cranks because the stretch in mono gives a small shock absorbency for when the fish makes that last run at the boat or when he comes up for a big jump. The small trebles on the crank baits don’t always get the best hook up so any shock absorbency you can get the better. For cranks I don’t feel you need super sensitivity that the super braids give you either. If you have a good crank bait rod you should be able to feel everything you need to feel with that. Usually a crank bait strike is a hard reaction strike so the angler has a tendency to pull back with a hard hook set. The Shock absorbency of mono will usually prevent you from ripping the lure out of its mouth before the fish clamps down. Finally I don’t usually flip or pitch a crank in heavy cover so the strong power of braid is really not needed to horse a fish out of heavy cover.
    The Only advantage I see with the super braids in crank baits is the thin diameter that will allow your bait to get a little deeper. Other than that I don’t see a huge advantage with the super braids fishing with cranks. I would just use a good strong mono in 8 or 10 pound test. Usually when a manufacture says bait will run a certain depth they are using 12 pound Mono to get the bait at that depth. Use something a little smaller and you can get it down a little deeper.

    Just my 2 cents.
  6. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    I have tried most all of the braids and i really like the power pro it seems to stand up longer than the other braids and doesn't seem to hang up as much.
  7. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Those of you who are using Power Pro....Do you use a mono backing when you spool up? Do you use a Flourocarbon leader for clear water fishing? What kind of knot do you use to join the mono (or whatever line you use for a backing) to the Power Pro? What kind of knot do you use to attach the Power Pro to your leader?
    Here is another question for you....If you were using a heavy action rod, like a Flipping Stick, while using Power Pro (with no stretch) with a Mono backing and a Flourocarbon leader (both have some stretch), would the final result be a line that has some stretch to it? Or a line with no stretch? You know the theory "You are only as strong as your weakest link", or how you only have as much power as your weakest battery? How would these theories apply when it comes to joining different fishing lines together that have varying tensile strengths?

  8. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    Reel Lady,
    This is my first year using P.P and I must say it has my attention. I'm using 30/8 for jigging 1/2-3/4 lead. I used mono as backing and roughly 50 yards of P.P. with a 6 ft. mono leader (17 lb stren). All knots were double uni's and I haven't had any problems with breakage.
    In answer to your last question, the mono will give you more stretch than the flourocarbon. Others may be able to give more info on the P.P./flourocarbon combination.
  9. A 6’ leader is not going to have much stretch, a 3’ leader is going to have even less, and mono backing is not going to add any stretch. Outside of large cats and carp, there is not a freshwater fish that should be able to take you into your mono backing (no reason to worry about it being a weak link). I always use mono backing with the same DIA as my Power Pro. I use the knots on the Power Pro box (polamar).

    I use Power Pro for all of my moving baits. I never use a leader because I’m not concerned with line visibility when using moving baits. I’m not concerned with stretch because I use a moderate to slow action rod for moving baits (I match the rod to the lure). I have had problems in the past with Power Pro, large deep diving cranks, and baitcasting reels. The big cranks create a great deal of drag, and the Power Pro has a tendency to dig into the spool from the pressure. Now, if the line is tightly wrapped on the spool, I have not had any problems with the line digging into the spool. It is really a problem if you switch baits on the same rod. For example, fishing with a Senko will eventually loosen the first 100 feet of line on the spool. If you switch to a crankbait, the line will dig in on the first cast, and the second cast will NOT be a lot of fun! If you watch how your line is going on the spool, you should not have any problems with braid and cranks.
  10. I agree with Bass_Hawg on the crankbait approach. I do a lot of my crankbait work still on mono because I feel that I lose more fish after hookup with the braid. It just does not allow for any absorption of the energy of a fish's thrashing. I go to Canada every year and I really noticed this on the first year that I was throwing the Power Pro. I had several pike shake loose. I still use that rod setup for pike but unless I am really working heavy cover I will tie a flouro or mono leader on. The true advantage in my mind for the braids is in jigging and other finesse techniques where feeling everything is critical.
  11. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    You're right, in this case the backing only serves two purpose and that's to prevent line slippage and filler. Fifty yards (150 ft.) is more than enough braid for most cast, so getting into the backing isn't a issue. I mostly fish for walleye, so I'm not worried about being spooled. I do agree with the 6 ft. leader length, but 6 ft. is better than nothing at all...again walleye being the target, so no shock absorbancy at all would be a real problem. ;)
  12. I believe that many monofilament lines stretch up to 20-25% so a 6 foot leader could have as much as 18" of stretch. I believe that the six foot leader creates a great deal of cushion for absorption.

    I could not believe the percentages on line stretch way back so I tried a test of my own. I tied the line to a tree and walked out 100 yards of line from the spool. I close the bail and kept walking and was able to add another 20 feet without breaking.
  13. basstrackerman

    basstrackerman marshall

    been using power pro with zero problems.wont go back to mono.i use mainly spinning reels though, but do have 5 baitcaster set ups the are strung with power pro with no complaints.
  14. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    I use a mono backing simply to fill the spool- normally 10lb Stren but it doesn't really matter. I usually only put on about 75-100 yards of braid on my regular reels. I can't cast any further than that and I don't troll.

    I do use a flouro leader at all times though. I'll fill a reel and tie on an 8' leader of flouro for two reasons- visibility and attrition. (You lose line as you cut off and retie lures.) I don't worry too much about the shock absorption factor- I never catch anything over 5" long. LOL

    It has worked for me for years now. The greatest thing about braid is that it doesn't break down like regular mono. I can fill a reel now and still be fishing the same line 3 years from now assuming I don't lose it all on a screaming run from an 8" creek chub.

    I like the braid for feel first and foremost. If you're fishing plastics, tubes or drop-shot stuff, braid is the only way to go.