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  1. can i get a hell freakin yeah for the giants beating the patriots???

    what a showing by the new york defense i mean seriously...they showed what pass rush was all about tonight

    and what a move by bill leaving the field before the game was over...class act lol

    what a game by both teams though

    but couldnt have been a better outcome :D :D :D
  2. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Great game. And GREAT D by the giants. I was wanting the Pats to win, only b/c the other team was New York and that Brady was a Michigan QB in college. Wanted to be able to say a Michigan boy took the team undefeated.
    Still a great game. For once i was not rutting for the underdog.

  3. Thank you Giants! Not only did you put an end to the undefeated season of the hated Patriots but you won me $100 bucks as well! Great game and a well deserved win!
  4. WB185Ranger

    WB185Ranger Gotta Love Odie!

    OH YEAH!!!! Giants win :) WB
  5. It was a great game...especially by the Giants D. I'm not a Giants fan by any means but I'm happy for Eli.

    I wanted the Pats to win simply because of the history that would have been made. I don't know what the big deal is with Belicheck? He shook Coughlins was a second early, big deal.

    I'm also happy to say that my Vikings put a 41-17 hurtin' on the superbowl champs!!

    Now...let's get to the draft already!!!
  6. It was a great game. Finally somebody beat the patriots.
  7. Pretty good game lastnight...I wanted to see the Pats fall but then on the other hand I kinda wanted to see Junior Seau get a ring.
  8. EE


    definitely good game, I had reasons for wanting both teams to win also. In the end, I'm happy for Eli Manning, given the amount of criticism he's received through the years. I'm also glad he made Tiki Barber look like a fool. I have no respect for a retired player publicly throwing his ex-teammates under the bus.
  9. I had no problem with Belicheck leaving the field when he did. As Young_gun said there was 1 second on the clock. And it is not like he pulled the team off as well. They ran the last play once the confusion was cleared. It was obviously going to be a mob after the game on the field and so I am sure once he had started making his exit he had no desire to go back and do it again. I just think the critics will find every possible thing to criticize guys at the top. I don't worry about Belicheck. He will have another day in the limelight.;) That Pats team is still a pretty young group for the most part. I wouldn't be surprised if they are there again next year. Running the table again is a bit too much to predict but you just never know. It is a long season and injuries can play a big part in that feat.

    I am happy as well for Eli. I was really looking forward to seeing the Pats make history and when Eli squirmed out of the near sack late in the game I had mixed feelings on it. But it was still enjoyable to see the way it played out. It was neat seeing Peyton in the booth genuinely excited for his kid brother through it all. Now Eli has some bling to shove back at Peyton when they get together. That is more their dad can say.:D:D
  10. LOL Bill Belicheck is an AZZ, I hope he enjoys his long off season..

    And it was a big deal to most people that care.....the guy was being told by his coaches and officials that they needed to run one more play. He completely ignored everyone and RAN off the field like a little girl that lost her barbie doll. aaaahhhhhhh hhaaa hhaaaaa ROFLMAO!!!!!! Nice coaching!!!!!

    Now maybe the stupid media will stop praising just another football team....

    LOLOLOLOLOL that was priceless--- RUN BILLY RUN!!!!!! WWHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  11. That was a great Super Bowl! I don't know if you all noticed this, but ever Super Bowl the Patriots have played in this decade has been good games. I, for one, was thrilled to see the Patriots lose. Belechek is a great coach, but it was about time someone put it to him.

    The only reason I would have liked the Patriots to win is so all those old Dolphin players would shut up. I'm so tired of hearing from Mercury Morris.

    You say Tiki Barber...I laugh! What a fool. He spends the whole season talking about how Eli Manning is not a leader or the right leader for the Giants. Hey Tiki, Eli has a ring and you have nothing. Hope broadcasting and an appearance on "Project Runway" was worth missing out on a Super Bowl victory.

    Finally, everyone has mixed feelings about what Belechek did at the end of the game last night. You ask me, it was unclassy. Though there was confusion, he shouldn't have left the field before the game was over. Plus, I am not a Belechek fan. Hope that loss tastes good!
  12. I am sure that loss will leave a bad taste in Belichek's mouth but their were 30 other teams that got no taste at all.;) I am not a Pats fan but I do appreciate a great franchise when I see it and yes the Pats have a great franchise led by a great coach. Just look at their record this decade. They have AVERAGED a 12-4 regular season record in the last 7 years and won 3 SB's. I don't know how anyone can deny that they have been great and that the coaching has been superb. I think any denial of that fact comes simply from envy.;) (Don't worry. I am a Browns fan so have plenty of room for envy.:D)

    I am not trying to take away from the Giants accomplishment as they played a great game. But I don't see them on the verge of a dynasty run like I heard some of their players boasting after the game. I think they peaked at the right time and they managed to find the Pats a notch below their best.

    Hopefully the Browns can be the ones next year ruining someone's SB dreams.:p
  13. Their Accomplishments To Me Mean Didly, Who Knows How Many Wins They Had Due To Cheating?
  14. According to Goodell...not even a single game. He levied the biggest fine in the history of the NFL...why would he have stopped before he went into forfeits if the charges were "game changing"??

    The play that Eli Manning/David Tyree made was the single best play that I have ever seen...especially under those circumstances.
  15. The most impressive play I have ever seen was Antonio Freeman's catch on Monday Night Football in 2000 during a Packers/Vikings contest. That was an amazing play.
  16. That would be a play to consider if I weren't a Vikings fan!!!:D
  17. Good points. I'm tired of hearin' the Dolphins whine, too. I read somewhere that the collective winning percentage of the teams they beat was like .450 and let's not forget the season was a few games shorter then. Makes a big difference, especially from a team health standpoint.

    Tiki Barber is a bum, I agree. If it wasn't for Tom Coughlin, who he professed was often outcoached, he would have had a very forgettable NFL career. He was Mr. Fumbleitis before Coughlin's staff changed the way he carried the ball. After the Giants win the SuperBowl, he starts backpedaling and hiding behind his media credentials. He was definitely a cancer in that locker room.

    One question: How does Justin Tuck not get MVP? He changed the course of the game and singlehandedly destroyed Tom Brady's timing and confidence. He whooped on one of the best guards in the NFL (Logan Mankins) all game long. Manning had a good game and you gotta like the kid, but the Giants defense and Tuck in particular was the game changer.
  18. I think Manning got it because it was truly a team effort...when in doubt, give it to the QB! Tyree certainly made a case as well.
  19. Agreed. That catch was UNBELIEVABLE. Would have nice to see him get it, too.
  20. I think it was a tough call on the player of the game because there were several worthy. I know the QB always seems to get the edge in those situations but they didn't exactly light it up on offense so I don't know that I would have given it to the offensive side. You could make an argument for Tuck and you could also make one for Strahan. He made some huge plays as well. It was such a team effort that it would have been fitting to give it to everyone. Probably the one play that won it for Eli was the scramble and toss to Tyree. That was the pivotal play for the game. They don't make that play and they probably don't win the game.