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    What is the best suntan lotion for fisherman? Looking for something with no smell left on the hands.
  2. Not sure about tanning lotion, but I like copertone sport for sunscreen


    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    that is what I meant. Thanks!!
  4. Not sure how it compares with others, but I been getting the stick type for when I go to air show. Not as messy and keeps off all my camera gear better.
  5. coppertone spray on. Works great and nothing on hands. Just let dry before going 70 down the lake, it will leave
  6. besides fishing,i sail also and have found the clear Bullfrog spray the best. No rubbing or residue after it dries.
    I apply while at the dock and its good for the day.
  7. ditto on the coppertone aeresol spray.
  8. zipperneck52

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    shade 45. been using it for years and it's the best
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    I heard Crisco works well....
  10. Lewzer

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    The best sunscreens for fishermen are those containing the physical sunscreens like TiO2 (titanium dioxide) or zinc oxide only.

    All those listed above and most others contain chemical sunscreens like benzophenone-3 or octylmethoxy cinnamate and ethylhexyl salicylate.
    The octylmethoxy cinnamate is a repellant and is like fishing after you dunk your hands in gasoline.
    You don't want them on your hands and your equipment.
    Use only those product with only physical sunscreens. Many baby sunscreen products can be found with the TiO2 or ZnO.
    I sometimes will use the wax stick for my nose and cheekbones cause I burn real easily on those areas when on the water from all the reflection. None get on my hands and I don't scratch or touch my face when I have that on.
  11. ezbite

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    me too. its oil less and easy to apply.

    i saw a special on sunscreens and they said that NOBODY puts enough on. if you rub it in until its clear, you have wiped its effectiveness away. if its a lotion, its gotta be white on the skin to be effective. a clear spray, just spray on and leave it alone. it said the biggest mistake people do when putting on sunscreen it to rub it in. thats why i go with the coppertone. SPF 30 in an aeresol can. just have someone act like there spray painting you and leave it dry and it does dry.
  12. Lewzer

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    That's totally false.
    When the water mixes with a oil you get white opaque emulsion like your milk you drink.
    When the water evaporates from the emulsion as you rub in the lotion you are left with the oil (sunscreens) phase which is clear. It's the oils (sunscreens) that block or absorb the UVA and UVB wavelengths.
    What is most important to the sunscreen working is the continuity of the oil film on your skin and the thickness of the oil film on your skin.
    So your comment about people not using enough is absolutely true. People also don't apply it often enough throughout the day.
    What most people don't know is your sunscreens will lose their effectiveness over time. Don't keep unused portions of your sunscreens over the winter. Throw it away and buy fresh stuff in the spring.
    I develop sunscreens, cosmetics and personal care products for a living.
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    I was out with GotOne a week ago, and he had the aerosol spray. I liked the fact thet you didn't have to get any on your hands. I purchased some before my next outing. I also found that if you spray it on your ankles, it will keep those biting black flys away. I got the CopperTone Sport.
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    It's called Bullfrog and there is a version that has Mosquito repellent in it. I used it a Scout camp last week on my son and myself and it worked very well for me. It comes in a spray bottle and it sprays upside and sideways as advertised.