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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ohioman76, Dec 12, 2004.

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    OGF member Walleyeman and myself headed out at 4:00 A.M.. First we went to the Rocky River to do a little Steelhead fishing. The water clarity seemed to be good but the river was flowing really fast. Should have checked with Archman on the Rocky. After getting no fish or bites we headed to East 55th Marina at time 1000. When we got there the pier was covered in snow and the surf was crahing so hard taht after ten casts or so we deemed in unfishable. Or next stop took us to Lake Milton we fished the dam for a hour or so and also tryed fishing the docks for Crappie or Bluegill. Once again no bites. We then decided to head to Berlin to try for Perch off the dock. After one hour produced no bites we decided to see if below the dam was fishable. It wasn't. I dropped Walleyeman off at his house at 3:00 P.M. and made it home just in time to see my beloved browns get 10 total yards off offense. Needless to say my day was going horribly. When I pulled in the driveway and saw my son coming running out to hug me it made my day. Todays results= 0 fish, 0 bites, and a possible cold down the road. Gotta love fishing in Ohio!!!! :rolleyes:
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    Just remember, it sure did beat having to work. Got to love this weather for something, not sure what but I'm sure there is something out there.

  3. Your day of fishing still sounded better than staying home and watching the browns. :eek:
  4. dude, you really wanted to go fishing huh? well, you tried. the steelhead are not hitting as hard, but i was out sunday way upstream fly fishing. should have called me. would have been great to fish with you. had a great day, caught mostly chromers. found a nice place where no one was fishing which i will venture back to again. probably wont be out until jan or sometime after christmas, maybe this weekend.

    im glad i dont watch football. how can guys get so worked up about a team that has sucked for years anyway? i don't get it.

    hope you don't get sick man.

  5. Ohioman, you are not giving the Browns enough credit. They got 17 yards of total offense, not 10!!!