Sunday Fishing Results???

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  1. Come guys, how'd everybody do today?
  2. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    lockjaw man... lockjaw...

    Fished Findlay # 1 with nothing to show for it.

  3. As much as I was yearning to get out, it didnt happen with me.

    At times I have to continue to remind myself:

    Family First, Fishing Second!
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  4. Perchy101

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    Rather hard for me to say that when my dad is less than 3 ft away from me the whole day ;)
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  5. Nice!!!.. Wish mine was here to make such memories, but he's in Florida during the winter months fighting 80 degree temps.
  6. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Depends on how you look at it - to start off the day - soon as we got into the shanty we sounded like two 80 year old guys yelling and frustrated at each other. I'm sure everyone around us loved it.
  7. snag


    didn,t fish today but went out to wb and milton to chk ice out,couple guys off west ramp not far didn,t walk out they haven,t plowed the parking area just up for the snowmobile area,then off to milton some guys on the east side of channel came in from that side and a group down by 76 east side came from that side also,looked a bit wet out in the channel area from jersey st lot nobody trying it yet,saw met whaler out there it was real slow for him but he did get two big shad while i was there,another guy said berlin wasn,t good off a point by the ramp his spud went right in a one drop so he got out of there, heard a couple guys went in a mosquito anybody hear of that ....
  8. ParmaBass

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    Couple guys went in at Mosquito today? Seems like everyone said ice was 7+ inches.
  9. peon

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    i had the best day ice fishing i have had in a few years!! not the best day ever but this new vex had something to do with success!!
  10. My Buddy And I Went To Congress Lake Both Sat. And Today, With Good Sucess.i Would Say We Brought Home Around 50 7-8 Inch Gills, Dont Know How Many Dings Threw Back, Maybe The Same Amount.very Cold On Sat. Very Snowy Today. Parking Area Was A Mess.back Hurts From Pushing Guys Out.
  11. jjpugh

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    :mad: started my day on rex lake. nothing not even a bite
    then nimi. c-5. nothing not even a bite
    then long. 1 dink gill.
    then back to nimi in a different spot cought 4 6" gills and 1 perch bought 4".
    ive been out from 8 in the morning till past dark friday saturday and sunday. cought some every day but it was work and i put nothing in the freezer.:mad:
  12. I was out at OSP. caught 18 with 7 keepers. all gills.
  13. I hit the in-laws pond today...ton of gills and 1 bass and 5 crappie..
  14. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    Went down to my Daughters house yesterday, they live on a lake about an hour south of me. Took my Son-in-law out, set up about 6:30. Was warm, about 25, but snowing hard and blowing like hell glad we had my shanty. Fished about 10' kind of slow from 7-9 but picked up pretty good from 9-11. Caught about 50, kept 25 all 8"-9". Lost 6 of them when I stepped in a snow drift about 3 feet deep coming in and dumped my whole load on its side. Had them in a bucket, it went over with everything else, could only find 19 of them. :( They were hitting VERY light and probably 75 percent of the catches were on ultralights with 2lb micro with spring bobbers. Without the springs you would never have detected the strikes. The hot color was gold, with gold ants/black hair tipped with 2 red maggots the best. Not one maggot or three, only two red maggots was what they wanted. Probably caught 5-6 other keepers on other rigs and waxies.
    Overall very good time with a nice dinner to come of it.